Happy Thursday, dear! We had another weekend. What’s your plan? Leave me a message and let me know! I’m going to a beauty peak at the High altitude Hotel this weekend. I’d like to share with you my favorite daytime casual look, which contains an evening dress-Beauty Huayin. We’ve all seen women like Kink wobbling. Trend (looks good!), but it can be tricky style. So, I’d like to share my 5 tips on how to dress in day or night style!

1.Try to keep your accessories. Bodybuilding clothes are already quite sexy, so you don’t have to procrastinate with accessories. Add a pair of high heels, simple jewelry, and even a belt that you need!

2.Find a style that will make you feel comfortable. There are many different types of beautiful clothes. Some will have a waist back or collar. The length goes from Mini to Maddie (or even Marcy!). No wait. There are even different types of materials. I personally know that whatever I wear, I need to feel comfortable. That means I have to find a tight skirt that I don’t wear. Too exposed and have a good production. This one from zara (can be here) is great because it has a square collar and fabric is soft and breathable.

3.Wear a pair of casual shoes during the day. When you recently wore tennis shoes with a dress or jeans, I really liked it. It had a relaxing atmosphere and I loved it! I paired my Zara fitness suit with my van (here) and looked relaxed during the day.

4.Put on an extra-sized sweatshirt. I also paired this tight dress with my favorite large knitted sweater. This is indeed the softest sweater ever. I think adding a big sweater will relax a body-building dress-“Yes, I wear a dress at the grocery store.”

5.If you want to look like a trendy, add a bean. Well, maybe not necessarily a trendy guy, but beans are cool, okay? I am fascinated by this.

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