Women in white turn back the summer dress code to 1900

Supermodels, the first lady of America and the schoolgirls of TV’s ‘Picnic at Hanging Rock’ are all wearing LWDs
The new adaptation of Picnic at Hanging Rock on BBC Two.
 The new adaptation of ‘Picnic at Hanging Rock’ on BBC Two. Photograph: Sarah Enticknap/BBC/Fremantle Media

Forget LBD. This summer is about LWD: a long white dress.

With the soaring temperatures in recent weeks, the elegant retro-style dress has become the season’s outfit, worn by a variety of well-known women – from models Amber Le Bon and Karlie Kloss to DJ Edith Bowman, recently At the NATO summit, Melania Trump. Pregnant Pippa Middleton and her mother, Carol, wore white Madeira thorns in Wimbledon this month.

“This summer is about the details – ruffled collars, puff sleeves, loose skirts, beautiful embroidery,” said Martha Ward, fashion director at Conde Nast Traveler magazine and longtime devotee of LWD.


Melania Trump at the Nato summit in Brussels earlier this month.
 Melania Trump at the Nato summit in Brussels earlier this month. Photograph: Rex/Shutterstock

“Nothing is more suitable for wearing than a transparent white dress. When the sun goes away, it can be layered with a thick cardigan and lace-up shoes, because it will inevitably appear. It is suitable for any place. Dress – If you are a wedding guest, that is the only taboo.”

Although many trends have appeared in fashion designers’ sketchbooks and strategic meetings, LWD took off this summer, mainly thanks to the long blue sky and sunshine. Its popularity can also be obtained on TV in the next few weeks: quiet, exquisite white dress is the kind of romantic style primary school students are favored in the rock-hanging picnic, the current adaptation of Joan Lindsay’s novel is currently on the BBC Broadcast. .

The original Peterville film adaptation since 1900 has been a source of inspiration for designers, including Sydney-based Lee Mathews, his 2018 summer series to the 1975 movie. pay tribute. “I always like that look, all on the neck, the sleeves are slightly inflated, and the details are exquisite,” she said. “Wear in a beautiful white dress, maybe a pair of boots, there are some very simple and tempting things, just continue your day in the hot weather. I started my own brand in six white dresses in 2000, it Became the iconic look of each collection and has been a bestseller in Australia’s hot summer days.”

As the British like tropical temperatures, Mathews’ cotton sheets, cotton lawns and yarn skirts, with fine pleats, scalloped edges and delicate laces, have already flown out of retailers such as Matchesfashion.com and Net-a-porter. Warehouse. .

With more than 50 original Victorian and Edwardian costumes, Ward regularly appears on her Instagram, depicting a rustic British lifestyle for nearly 60,000 fans.

“As a child, growing up in Northumberland, my mother always wore old Edwardian pajamas and petticoats, and I have always liked this aesthetic since then,” she said, wearing a delicate clear Teaching costumes, as part of collaboration, created her collection of capsules designed this season by British brands Queene and Belle. I did wear a lot of years, but also bought the Australian brand Zimmermann, the American brand Loveshack Fancy, Cabbages & Roses and the French designer Isabel Marant, they all look good. ”


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