Get Mandy Moore’s flapper party dress look to meet all of your summer soiree needs

Mandy Moore wears Missoni colorful fringe dress to ''Jimmy Kimmel Live' in Los Angeles on July 24.

Mandy Moore wears a colorful Missoni fringe dress to Jimmy Kimmel Live on July 24. (Photo: RB/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

Wednesday, Mandy Moore wore a vibrant sherbet-colored fringed flapper dress, wearing the Jimmy Kimmel Live The Great Gatsby heart Daisy Buchanan.

Moore showed off her party dress from Italian luxury brand Missoni by spinning on Instagram. The Missoni dress features a baby blue mesh bodice and a colourful tiered tassel. Moore’s new stylist, Cristina Ehrlich, recently launched the actress’s fashion game to help her recently make a statement on designer dresses during the Haute Couture Fashion Week in Paris.

During Jimmy Kimmel live show, Moore discusses how she “dipped her toes” Back to the music, and revealed that she already knew the highly acclaimed series “This is our” How will end. Fans can rest easily, as Moore said, “I think the ending will be very satisfying for people,” he added. “I think the show that is evoked from all of us is very correct. Dan is this. Master. People will feel their feelings.”

Moore’s tassel-pin dress in the 1920s played an important role in the fashion world. Thanks to Balmain (Kardashian’s favorite) and Calvin Klein’s Raf Simons and other designer brands, the fringed dress has been completely renewed. They are the new outfits you need in your wardrobe.

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