As soon as there is a change of season, some people love to run to the stores and check out the news and trends. It’s an important shopping ritual for some. Other people prefer to have clothes and accessories that can be reinvented from one season to the next.

If you’re more in the line that likes to recreate looks with what you already have in your closet, this article will be an essential guide to getting ideas for new looks and always feeling well dressed.

Why should you invest in mid-season clothing?

So-called mid-season clothes from intermediate options can be adapted from one season to another. They are therefore versatile pieces that you should invest in.

Do you know when we are in the middle ground between fall/winter and spring/summer? Then these clothes will be the perfect helpers for a functional and practical wardrobe.

Dresses, because yes!

Dresses are our friends. As there is a huge variety of types, they could not be missing as a mid-season essential item.

Perhaps you wanted to build something in the girly style, which is a revamping of the classic romantic style. For this, I have a dress with lighter fabric, embroidery and even florals. Combine with comfy sneakers.

Mesh dresses are also interesting options because those with thin straps fit you perfectly on hot sunny days. But if you choose a half-sleeved model, you can easily fit in the spring/summer weather.

Jeans are versatile and cool

Jeans are a piece that gives you a thousand looks. It can come in dresses and jackets, but the pants are very assertive. You need to have at least one pair of jeans in your closet. See which type of pants best suits your body shape.

To create a deconstructed style, bet on the hi-lo trend. She is super representative of creative personalities. Combine jeans with boots, a chain bag, and a warm sweatshirt for those days when the sun is hiding, but the cold is not so intense.

From girls to women, everyone has a T-shirt

The T-shirt is present in many women’s closets. They are timeless pieces and combine easily with many other types of clothing. In addition, they can be used by people of all ages, just create the best composition for you.

You can combine fine-knit T-shirts with a cardigan and even a vest. Most women prefer to invest in plain shirts to create combinations with overlays or accessories. A-Max necklace looks beautiful. But it is possible to replace it with a version with a vintage print and expand your look with a Max coat for the winter.

Never forget that less is more!

If you have jeans, t-shirts, cardigans, and boots in your closet… they can be varied to create many looks. The interesting thing is to invest in base pieces like pants, dresses, and blouses and complement them with overlays.

There are those days when we want to look good without much effort, the famous fashion laziness. Your look comes easily if you wear a wide leg, with a warm sweater and mules. Still following the same variation, the pants can look good with a cropped jacket.  

All the pieces mentioned here are essential to building your mid-season spare wardrobe. Also, invest in accessories that can enhance your look like hats and sunglasses!