The Vampire’s Wife Launches Mothers2mothers Chitenge Dress

The vampire’s wife may have started as a friend’s capsule collection of vintage ornate dresses, but the Susie Cave baby has become a true global brand. Now, models, muse and designers are using her brand platform to provide lighting for those in need.

Introducing the Vampire’s Wife Mothers2mothers Chitenge dress on June 25th, this is a 17-piece mosaic print Chitenge fabric made up of Cave’s ruffled signature. Each £495 dress sold at will be donated for £300 to Mothers2mothers, a charity dedicated to preventing mother-to-child transmission.

“The thing to remember about Mothers2mothers is that it works,” Cave told Vogue why she chose to support her mission to eliminate pediatric AIDS in Africa. “The engine that drives this wonderful organization is empowered. Mothers learn to guide other mothers and, by doing so, reduce stigma and help women gain status in the community. This is a very beautiful idea to reduce mother-to-child transmission in clients. HIV has had a huge impact. I am proud to be one of them.”

In fact, Cave believes that “all the dresses I make are the most gorgeous.” When I was a child in Malawi, it was really exciting to make clothes with a fabric that was reminiscent of wildness and vitality. Wax prints in southeastern Africa. “I want to find a fabric that uses traditional dye methods, but it also has a layer of gold,” she explains. “I am very pleased to find that this fabric has all the rich earthy colors, but the top is printed with a gold bow. It seems to be the perfect combination of traditional craftsmanship and charm. “The 17-year-old sports volume has dropped to a limited fabric –” is simply that! “When Vogue pressed her how to grab one, they inevitably got a fan who was worshipped by her.”

Emma France, Director of Global Development and Strategic Cooperation at Mothers2mothers, added: “This partnership can help us get close to the time of HIV/AIDS transmission.” In 2016 alone, charities and their partners registered 1.95 in seven Africa. Millions of new customers are taken care of in the country and employ more than 1,600 mentors. Thanks to Cave and many others who have worked tirelessly to help people living with HIV, the future looks brighter.

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