Despite the difficulties of World War II, the 1940s were still a landmark decade of fashion, a decade of pioneering style and new silhouettes that we still support today. Rita Hayworth and Doris day, we portray the iconic and top trends of fashion in the 1950s, paving the way for fashion in the 1950s.

Christian Dior’s 1940s fashion

When it comes to fashion in the 1940s, Christian Dior (christian dior) ‘s groundbreaking new silhouette redefines postwar women’s style and reinvigorates French fashion after tough years. The series-including a gorgeous full-skirt and tights jacket-was Dior’s first and is forever called a “new look,” said carmel Snow, Harper’s editor in 1947. “it’s such a new look!” Imagine if every designer could piece together something like this for their debut?

Ava Gardner’s 1940s fashion

Ava Gardner (ava gardner) is one of the most successful (and beautiful) actresses in a decade. In 1944, she showed off the beauty of the belt and the chic scarf, both the main fashion trends of the 1940s.

Bette Davis 1940s fashion

An original 1940s fashion pin-up, Bette Davis works a blue gown in this seductive shot, taken in 1943, perfectly paired with a full red lip.

Doris Day’s 1940s fashion

Doris day shows us how to make the nautical tide of romantic movies on the high seas in 1949. Remind us to put our coats on our shoulders the next time we travel by boat.

Rita Hayworth’s 1940s fashion

The actress embraces androgynous style in a pair of wide-legged trousers and monochrome flats in 1940. Our new workwear wardrobe = sorted.

Katharine Hepburn’s 1940s fashion

In the 1940s, Kathleen shook a golden ham dress in a tight waist story book in Philadelphia. Note Peter Pan’s collar, a trend that resonated in the 1960 s. We all know that Alexa Bell is a fan.

Grace Kelly’s 1940s fashion

Princess Grace of Monaco always looked flawlessly chic – even as a teen model back in 1947.

Rita Hayworth’s 1940s fashion

This famous black satin gown from Rita Hayworth’s striptease scene in Gilda set tongues wagging in 1946.

Ingrid Bergman’s 1940s fashion

We’ll wear those chunks of sandals today. Look at the perfect Ingrid Bergman, a perfect capsule vacation in Casablanca