With the constant changes in the state of our economy, small businesses are taking a big hit and that includes the fashion industry. Many family-run businesses decide to put their productions on pause while others give their best to stay afloat. Not many customers are aware of how massive production, promotion, and overall business cost are, especially for a small brand. Top brands flawed every social media platform with countless promotions, influencer partnerships, and tempting prices, but what if we press the X button on our browsers for 10 minutes and instead, take a look at the beautifully crafted collections these 5 small brands listed below? We guarantee you will most definitely find some beautiful, never seen before styles to love.

Orseund Iris

Orseund Iris clothes are designed for the effortlessly chic downtown women that love to play with high-quality fabrics and basic styles with a twist. Known for being season-less, this brand managed to build a cult following due to its simple yet very recognizable patterns and designs. 

The Frankie Shop

Another sustainable brand that praises minimalism, yes we can’t get enough! Their high quality tailored pieces caught the attention of many fashion influencers, magazine editors, and everyday women alike, making it one of the most loved NY bases small brands of 2019-20. A celebration of clean lines, and ethical work environment, and diversity.

Olivia Rose The Label

Launched in 2017, Olivia Rose the Label offers handmade, custom pieces for every shade and size with no additional cost, straight from her studio in England. This small independent clothing brand is your key to stand out from the crowd and have a piece of clothing made solely for you. It can’t get any cooler than that, am I right?

Brother Vellies

This brand offers a variety of different handcrafted shoes, bags, and clothing designs from South Africa, Kenya, Morocco, and Ethiopia. No question why it slowly but surely became a favorite amongst the fashion world. It’s a true celebration of different cultures with dozens of different pieces made with love from local artisans.