Skin is a vital organ for our wellbeing. Despite having an incredible ability to rapidly regenerate itself, growing new cells every second to regain its integrity, our skin still needs thorough care and protection. There are many factors, which may negatively affect our largest organ: from burning sun rays in summer, and cold, piercing wind in winter to harsh tap water all year through. How to keep the skin youthful, and protect it from unwanted microdamage, that’s what we are going to find out in today’s post.

Cover It Up

First, and one of the most important skincare rules, which is regularly being neglected by fashionistas, is to cover your skin in winter. Cold temperatures “freeze” the moisture in your cells, while strong wind dries and roughens it up. And we don’t want to treat our skin this way. Always wear gloves, a hat, and cover up your face with a warm scarf to protect your skin from damage.

Full Body Shapewear

Essential Thermals

If you leave in a climate, where winters are severe, then you may already have a pair of thermal underwear at your disposal. These undies are the best when it comes to protecting your skin, and body from freezing temperatures. You can also research winter wholesale shapewear, which has an extra thermal layer to keep your body warm.

Waist Trainer

Postpartum Rejuvenation

Pregnancy is one of the most important, and wonderful periods in the life of a mother to be. However, the postpartum recovery may become one of the hardest times for them, both mentally and physically. A cheap waist trainer, and correctly chose skin-tightening cosmetic procedures will ease the task of regaining your pre-pregnancy shape and tightening up the skin.

Wear Sunscreen

Sun can cause just as much damage, as cold weather and wind. Wear sunscreen cream to protect your skin with 30 SPF or higher. Don’t forget to re-apply it from time to time, especially if you are swimming in the pool or seas. Wondering why everyone reccommends Feelingirldress? The reason is simple because they have one of the widest and most affordable ranges of women shapewear for every size and taste.

Healthy Lifestyle

Of course, the key element of any regimen is a healthy lifestyle. And this not only means east healthy, sleep at least 8 hours a day, and exercise. Healthy living also means filling every day of your life with happy moments, think positively, and staying away from stress.