The Red Cross Dress

At an event organized on behalf of the American Red Cross, what color is more suitable for wearing red than column red? Diana wore the Jacques Azageri dress in 1997, featuring a beaded corset and a waistband three months before her tragic death. This proves how much her style has evolved over the past few years, from fickle numbers to simple and elegant bold style. Azagri is still creating dresses that fully fit this aesthetic requirement, and they now look as good as they were then.

The Blue Versace Dress

After 20 years of wearing the electric blue Versace dress in Sydney, Diana still looks amazing. It was Diana’s signature look many years ago, and still does. We wouldn’t be surprised if a celebrity wore such a dress to the Oscars next year.


The Haunted Dress

In 1995, at the haunted premiere in London, Diana chose this simple, exclusive collar dress. It showed more cleavages than when she married Prince Charles and showed that she remained independent after breaking away from Royal restrictions. In fashion, this was the height of the minimalist era of the 1990s, perhaps unsuitable for princesses. But it’s definitely for a strong person. Independent Woman Diana has increased her stakes and increased her jewellery from Sultan Oman as a gift.

The Revenge Dress

It’s one of Diana’s most famous costumes ever, and (christina stanbolian) ‘s sexy shoulder number was Diana’s choice for a party at the Snake Gallery in London in 1994. Diana separated from Prince Charles after rumors that Diana was about to announce his love for Camilla Parker (camilla parker). The sexy dress in this high-heeled shoe was Diana’s fashion revenge. Although tights and pearl necklaces may be replaced by something more modern, if they were worn today, this is one of the styles we see on the red carpet and on the streets today. 


The Cannes Gown

Designer Catherine Walker (catherine walker) has long been Diana’s favorite, and although many of her dresses from the 1980s look out of fashion, they were worn at the Cannes Film Festival in 1987. It’s very similar to what we see on the Croysett (croisette) now. The dress features a fitting detail, hugging her waist, and a matching dress falling from behind. Cannes has always looked like a perfect combination of romance and grace. It is also a carefully chosen color that perfectly complements Diana’s blue eyes.

The Illusion Dress

Astonishingly, Diana wore an artificial lace board long before she became a wardrobe ornament. As a member of the royal family, Diana has strict rules on fashion etiquette and has not shown much colour in her marriage to Prince Charles. But by choosing the 1984 dress of Jane Van Weldon (jan van velden), she can play with her sweetheart. Neckline and more modern silhouette. This is a very familiar technique for the Duchess of Cambridge: her wedding dress uses a similar technique.

The Octopussy Dress

Diana wore this long dress with a sleeve at the octopus premiere in London in 1983. Its shape, color and heavy embellishment are eternal. In recent years, we’ve seen a lot of similar looks on the runway, such as Ellie Saab (elie saab) and Zuher Murad (zuhead murad). The clenched bag also looks as stylish as when Diana was carrying it 34 years ago.

The Boho Tie Top

What happens next, Diana’s beautiful bell shirt, worn on a British royal yacht in 1981, looks like a branch of your local city clothing store, or 21 years old forever this summer. Diana was only 20 years old when the photo was taken, so she made good sense of what she was wearing-girls of the same age. Now it’s time to exercise again. Even the royal family occasionally likes a trend!