Any female will be excited about her date with the man she admires! She will want to look her best and start scavenging her wardrobe for the best dress for the evening. But, what if your best dress will look out of place because of the extra pounds you earned recently? You suddenly regret munching on those pizzas and burgers, right? Never mind, the damage is done and now you have a date in less than a few hours! I can’t suggest you go hit the gym and reduce the fat. However, I can ask you to choose the right shapewear so that you can look toned and pretty in whatever outfit you have. Here’s a guide to choosing your shapewear for the night!

Seamless shapewear is the best for your night. They do not pop out or roll down even when you bend and move around a little. Of course, if you buy the right size they won’t restrict your movement when you laugh or reach out for the wine glass. These are thin materials that compress most of your extra pounds and leave you looking more fit and fab!

seamless shapewear shorts

After the best seamless shapewear comes the sculpt wears that do not have thongs. These are designed such that they stick perfectly to your body without the help of thongs or threads. They push your extra fat in and mask your fat wherever required. These can be worn under any clothing that you will choose for the night.

best seamless shaper panty

Tummy control shaper panty is the best choice for those women who do not intend to wear full-body shapers. These are very similar to a normal panty but do the job of compressing the extra flab around the waistline. They are easy to handle and put on. They help to hide your tummy and do nothing for your butt and thighs though. Hence, you can use them when your tummy is your only point of concern. The fabric is gentle and doesn’t irritate your groin area.

seamless shapewear shorts

Butt lifting shorts are also great for your date dresses. Firstly, they will hide the fat around your waistline and thighs. And most importantly, they will lift your butt! Yes, they will make your assets look more pronounced and appealing. Now which man can resist a good butt that screams for attention? When you have some God-given attractions, you might as well maintain them and flaunt them in the right way. This will make your outfit look even better on you.

best seamless shapewear


You can add some trendy shapewear to your date night too. There is certain shapewear that has thin netted material as border design or lace that adorns the edges of the latex fabric. Whatever it might be, if things get hot and steamy, you will have some shapewear that looks like expensive lingerie. And do not get embarrassed about wearing shapewear in front of a man. If he likes you, what you wear and your body’s fat will not really concern him.


And if you are looking for all these above-mentioned shapers, Cosmolle Shapewear has them all at your disposal.