Shapewear is indeed a woman’s secret arsenal.  No matter the body shape and size, most of us can certainly get some help with the smoothing and support when wearing our clothes, and shapewear is the perfect solution. Shapewear often gets a bad reputation to be something that is constricting and hot to wear. Thanks to the latest innovation in fabric and manufacturing technology, shapewear now comes in seamless designs, compression fabric, and breathable material to offer all-day comfort.

With the summer months approaching, there will be many weddings and parties to go to and this means that you will be dressing up for these events. If you are thinking of getting some shapewear to make your outfit look sleeker, but the thought of wearing shapewear bodysuits during the hot summer months seems unbearable, well it does not have to be that way. There is shapewear that you can wear during the sizzling temperatures when you want to rock that strappy sundress or the hip-hugging shorts.

Here are some tips on how to find the perfect shapewear for summer:-

Fabrics To Look For

Opt for shapewear that is made of lightweight moisture-wicking material and allows airflow effortlessly. This will keep you cool and comfortable all day.

Keep It Hidden

Spaghetti straps and miniskirts are just some of the popular trends in summer. The last thing you want is exposing your shapewear when you are wearing your summer outfits. Therefore, it is important that you choose the right shapewear like a waist trainer or control briefs to keep it under wraps. There is an ideal piece of shapewear for every outfit out there so make sure you choose properly.

The Right Shade

Lighter colors and fabrics are in abundance in summer. This is where shapewear in nude tones comes in. You won’t want the color of your shaping panty to be visible underneath your light sundress. Investing in nude shade shapewear is a good choice for the season.

Focusing On The Area You Want To Control

It is a good idea to focus on just one area that you want to control on a hot summer day. By focusing your control on the core area, you will be able to keep cool and comfortable without compromising your confidence. For example, if you only want to focus on the midsection, instead of a full bodysuit, you can get a plus size waist trainer instead.


When choosing shapewear, make sure that you are getting it in the right size.  Do not buy shapewear that is smaller than your actual size because the hot weather affects the way our blood moves in the body. In hot weather, more blood is pumped in the body so wearing a compression garment that is too tight will be uncomfortable.

The Best Shapewear To Wear Under Shorts and Summer Dresses

Compression and breathable material, together with seamless designs provide all-day comfort and invisibility under just about any ensemble. Say goodbye to heat-absorbing fabric and visible panty lines. This selection of the best lightweight and breathable shapewear will help you rock your summer outfits with confidence while the sun is shining.

Panty Brief

Keep it low-key under dresses and shorts by wearing this panty brief with seamless flattening tummy panels. Made from breathable and lightweight seamless yarn, this shaper brief has no roll spiral steel bones and won’t ride up. It offers superior shaping and feels like a second skin.

Mesh Tummy Control Shorts

If you want a little more coverage but do not want a full bodysuit, these shaper shorts are ideal.  Made with lightweight medium control fabric with super-soft yarns, it will give you all-day shaping and less squeezing. The mesh detail on the rear makes it breathable and comfortable to wear.

Waist Trainer

It can be challenging to wear a waist trainer for waist training in summer even though it is good to sweat more around the midsection because that is what a double belt waist trainer is supposed to do. In order to help you keep cool, do choose moisture-wicking materials in your waist trainer. This tummy wrap waistband can give you an effective workout without being uncomfortably wet from sweat. It has 6 high-quality velcros and loop fasteners for easy tightness adjustment. The material wicks away moisture so you can keep moving comfortably.