If I want to write something for this column, I have to wear it on the accompanying photo. This inevitably limits the gene pool of the topic. That’s not to say I don’t have any ideas about swimsuits, for example, just-well, you got a picture. Or, you don’t. It also means that if I want to talk in a speech, I have to walk. I have to walk opposite a studio, in front of a shooting team, to analyze how a poker player learns to twitch and tell about other players on a normal Friday night. It is instructive and humble, reminding you time and again that you never know what will work until you really try. During this long and hot summer, I saw one woman after another in a floating white dress that looked cool and calm. I began to think I should wear a floating white dress, so you should. I was wearing a floating white dress and drinking iced tea on a shady balcony, which was an attractive place. This photo has a lower belly.-from prec (preaker) women in Amy Adams (amy adams) ‘s dramatic sharp objects to picnics hanging on rock music-will only make it more atmospheric. So I bought a non-white cheesebumsey dress with a white cotton sink, and it felt like I walked long enough to write about this.

Then I put on a really floating white dress for the photo and suddenly realized that separation was one thing, but it was hard to take off. I look like I’m sleepwalking, but it’s too late to get back. My first instinct was to try a sleeveless version. When you look, exposing a little skin can help. No bleeding, which is why politicians roll up their shirt sleeves and look more realistic. But in this case, it doesn’t help: too much bare skin and pajamas-white creamy robes-make me look, feel exposed and vulnerable, which is not the idea at all. On the contrary, as many times, it boils down to accessories. The first experiment was to wear a lot of jewelry, but I. Just as I ate too much seafood rice at my holiday lunch, I bought too much at the Boho dress and the heavy jewelry store. No, the answer is the right shoe. A pair of colored shoes-plus an ankle length instead of a floor-length sideline-so you can see shoes and a few inches of living people the pajamas dress is starting to come alive.