Sometimes buying bras and underwear can be a headache for some girls. Specially plus-size girls or girls with a bigger chest. In my own personal experience, until one of the most famous lingerie brands opened in my country, I had to buy my bras every time I traveled to the United States. And those trips were being more and more apart.

You can imagine that at some point, I was wearing 4- or 5-year-old bras, that were starting not to fit because of my weight gain. And let’s face it, even if weirdly my butt can fit in a size M high waist panties, my chest, depending on the brand, wouldn’t even fit in an XL… It has been really annoying to find underwear that is comfortable but also sexy at the same time because at my age I don’t want to be using what we might consider granny underwear and that was the only one my country had to offer.

Going to the United States or even buying from such a brand above mentioned, it doesn’t also hurt my self-esteem but also my poor wallet. So, you guys have no idea how happy I am, that I’ve found a brand that offers a lovely seamless bra and that is of course also, size inclusive. Because I was honestly sick of spending over $30 on bras, that look good, are somehow comfortable but not to a 100%.

What’s good about Cosmolle?

This new brand is called Cosmolle. The brand wants that you don’t compromise comfort when you want to look good. Their products have a unique design and are made with advanced fabric technology, delivering bra comfort, never experienced before… which will help you to express your authentic self.

Their products are made by women for women. And because of this, they are wire-free, meaning they are pain-free. Meaning, fewer materials, less sewing, and no wires. No more waiting to get home, to remove your bra… now you can get home and still wear your bra until it is time to remove it to go put your pajamas on and go to bed. I think this is one of the best reasons to choose their underwear.

I have also found a super comfortable bra, that they offer. It is carefully 3D printed and has collagen polyamide yarn. This gives a collagen boost and also has a cooling effect. If you want to have an idea of how it feels, then it is basically like clouds. This antioxidants, amino acid and collagen-rich bra, that is super flattering and extremely comfortable will improve the elasticity of your skin, will reduce signs of aging while keeping it cool and also hydrated.

So, right now, at Cosmolle, you can find your favorite comfortable bra and also comfortable underwear starting at $10. Which is honestly such a great price for everything that they’re offering you. Comfort, support, and with great technology will help your skin with all of its great benefits.