Which Dior fragrance lasts longer? What kind of personality does this perfume suit? Which perfume should a boy give his girlfriend? Which one has a lighter fragrance? Which fragrance is more mature? All you want to know is here.

Miss Dior Series

  • Miss Dior Cherie Blooming Bouquet

Top note: Calabrian bergamot

Middle notes: Damascus rose and peony

Base note: white musk

This is Miss Dior’s most popular perfume. It has a very refreshing taste no matter the front, middle and back notes. The floral and musk fragrances are warm, but not sweet at all! So this perfume feels gentle and sensible, like a flower in a greenhouse just left. I have never liked very strong perfumes, so this one won my heart! The pink bottle with lace is also full of girlish hearts. Putting it on the table is also pleasing to the eye~

Suitable for: young gentle girl

Durability: about eight hours

  • Miss Dior EDT

Top note: Sicilian citrus

Middle notes: Damascus rose, peony

Base note: Indonesian patchouli

This one I love the top note is quite aggressive, but a miracle will appear after a while! Floral and citrus are originally warm notes, but Mr. Dior cleverly combines patchouli with it, so its taste is not too sweet. The combination has a wonderful feeling. After taking a shower, spraying on the skin will want to hug myself the next day. If you like cold-toned sister paper, don’t choose this perfume, because it is not that cold feeling

Suitable for: young lively and warm girls

Durability: about eight hours (spray on clothes can last for one day or two days)

  • Miss Dior EDP new Miss Dior fragrance

Fragrance: Grasse May Rose

This perfume is modified from the original old version of EDP, with only one fragrance-Grasse May Rose. When it first went on the market in 2016, it was attracted by its advertisements, and the popular “What would you do for love” on Weibo was to promote this perfume. It’s really sweet and sweet! Girls who like sweet notes can enter, but I personally think it’s a bit too sweet, the taste of love~ it’s so sweet~

Suitable for: sweet Japanese girls

Durability: about 12 hours (spray on clothes can hold the fragrance for several days)

  • Miss Dior LP

Top note: Sicilian citrus

Middle notes: Grasse May rose, orange blossom

Base note: Indonesian patchouli

This one is an unpopular perfume in the Dior family, and only those senior women who have used perfume for decades can experience its essence. The front tone is also more aggressive, and the back tone is highly recognizable, giving people more personality. Generally speaking, the taste is stronger.

Suitable for: Women who pursue individuality

Durability: The pure fragrance of Dior usually last for at least a day