The most attractive detail in the fashion of women lies in their accessories. Whether it is a satchel, a scarf, a pair of stunning earrings, or a handbag, every accessory has a unique contribution to the grace of a woman. One of the most common accessories used by many women worldwide is the handbag. So, the demand for fashionable handbags is one of the constant trends in the world of fashion. Let us take a look at some of the fabulous Celine and Fendi handbags, both great names in crafting the best, sophisticated handbag designs.


One of the best additions by Celine in their handbag portfolio is the luggage bag that originated back in 2009. It also enjoys the reputation of being one of the iconic handbags of Celine. Tailored with an ultra-modern design and an ideal choice for minimalistic clotheslines, the Celine luggage bag is a masterpiece. The craftsmanship in the Celine luggage bag is visible in the decorations and leather sewing. Most important of all, the two-hand handles and zipped pocket in the middle makes it easier to carry.



The Celine Trapeze Bag revised the conventional notions about handbag design with its arrival in 2010. The success of the Trapeze handbag of Celine factors in three prominent features of the product. The graphic fold of the handbag held to the body of the bag with a metallic clasp adds to the aesthetic appeal of this bag. The handles with ornate sewing and padding alongside the handles with golden attaches in rectangular shape are also attractive features in this bag. In addition, you can also find distinctive gussets on each side with snaps for easy opening and closing the bag.


The Trotteur bag from Celine is one of the recent additions that have been appreciated by many fashion icons and Celine enthusiasts. The outlandish Parisian look and the distinctive clasp make this bag a sensational hit among handbag lovers. Fabricated with simplicity and curving with pure lines, the Celine Trotteur Bag is definitely a pick for every woman.

Mon Tresor

If you love to show off the brand of handbag you are adorning, then the Mon Tresor bag from Fendi is definitely the right pick for you. The most interesting highlight in the Mon Tresor is the cool and convenient bucket-style. Definitely, a fashionable and stylish way to stay in trend, isn’t it?



The Fendi Peekaboo bag is an instant favorite among fashion influencers. You can find this unique product in different colors, sizes, and finishes. The classic design, along with the versatility, makes the Peekaboo a keeper!

Making the Choice

So, take your pick from these unique yet magnificent handbag designs from notable designer brands Celine and Fendi. Personal choices and preferences will also come into play while choosing the right handbag. Therefore, do your research and purchase the handbag that suits your charisma!