Their 27-year-old birthday girl, Verne McCann (ferne mccann), and her friend Danielle Armstrong, 30, enjoyed their usual tricks Saturday night at the Bagatel restaurant in Mayfair. Former towie star Vern (ferne) celebrated her 28th birthday on Monday, wearing a white body-building suit and a white apricot dress that revealed her slender body.

Finn, with a pair of bare waisted heels, exposed her coral trimming, and a simple grip bag. At the same time, Danielle chose a polka orangerine dress, which looked like a summer-style microcosm.

The pendant neckline reveals her impressive pattern, matching the dress with a pair of golden strap heels. The former towie star has just reached over her shoulder in a long, relaxed, fluffy haircut. On Thursday, Fern uploaded a photo of herself wearing a corset in the heat wave. The mother saw her eyes in the heat wave. On Sunday, the troll asked her to “have some self-esteem” and “put on clothes” to take care of her daughter, a remark that has been deleted. Furney, an angry former towie star, spoke to the camera. At the same time, the keyboard soldier was selected, and the slim frame of her underwear was displayed.

“the story was written to the woman who had just commented on my photo, saying I should have more self-esteem, put on some clothes, and take care of my children,” she said. She picked out the troll and said directly to the critic, “Jackie, Brentwood has 29 degrees.” Despite her anger, Verne lets her fans watch her fans sleep in the hut with her furry rabbit on Sunday. And blankets. Earlier, Jackie, a keyboard fighter, poked the Reality Show star with her paws when she said on instagram that she should put on her clothes.

Jackie wrote, “Oh, my God, you’re a mummy. You have pride, dress up, take care of your children!” After becoming pregnant, Frany revealed that she had fulfilled her dream of wearing a blouse after years of watching girls at the gym.