The summer is upon us and with it the swimsuit test: it’s time to think about getting back in shape!

I’m sure this is one of the good intentions written at the beginning of the year by your friend or wife. So if you haven’t already found the perfect gift for her, let’s see together today what to give her for the gym. Here are some tips to create a fantastic look through the workout clothing wholesale!

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1 – Think about her style

Sportswear is all the rage in recent years. To juggle weights and tools it is important to be comfortable and practical. At the same time, we must not trade freedom of movement with the possibility of wearing holes in shirts, baggy pants or the first thing we find in the closet! So give something that is in the style of the person you are giving the gift to!

2 – Comfort

Always choose lightweight, technical and breathable fabrics, specially designed for physical activity and that allow you to move, bend over and sweat in complete freedom. T-shirt and tight leggings also ensure the best agility. Take these factors into consideration!

3 – Something that enhances her physicality

If she is curvy, choose tank tops and yoga pants that hug her curves to enhance her most beautiful features. If she is slim and slender by nature, highlight her tone with a sports bra.

If, on the other hand, you know that she wants to hide some aspect of herself that she least likes, don’t give garments of a single color: choose black for the areas to be darkened (butt, hips or abdomen) and opt for a bright contrasting color for the rest.

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4 – Choose the right shoes

In recent years there are many running shoes with bright colors, fantastic: red, yellow, fuchsia, orange! I personally love them, in fact I think I have almost as many as heels! After all, I’m sure you will find the right shoe for her! By the most fashionable possible, however, I mean that shoes must have some technical parameters: for example, a not too low sole, or an internal insole. Remember that her posture is important!

5 – Dress in layers

The locker room, weight room, Zumba room, weight room, spinning room: when you go from one room to another, the temperatures are never the same! Dressing in layers is, therefore, an excellent solution: a great idea would be to give clothing, such as sweatshirts with or without a zip, to be worn when needed!

6 – Pay attention to white and transparencies

By sweating, some garments can become semi-transparent: especially the white ones. Similarly, particularly light elastic garments can stretch a bit during exercises, revealing something too! Pay attention to these details, please!

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Creating suitable and fashionable looks will make your friend feel beautiful. Her desire to go to the gym will be increased as well. She will also have more self-confidence in front of the mirror while she trains. Whoever receives your gift will be satisfied and will greatly appreciate your thought! Seeing is believing!