How to wear a celebrity guide on Halloween

Nothing can be worn like a celebrity on Halloween – or, this year, defending – a disgusting outfit.

Megyn Kelly has been criticized for the black face of “Today”. But three-time Olympic gold medalist skier Sean White put on “Simple Jack”, a role in the 2008 comedy “Tropic Thunder.” “Simple Jack has an intellectual disability.

Soeren Palumbo is the co-founder of Special Olympics’ “Spread a Word to End the Word” campaign. He told the costumes and told HuffPost that “disability is not a joke, nor should it be a whisper.”

White then provided a verified “whoopsie” apology on Instagram: “I should apologize to everyone in the Special Olympics community because I chose Halloween costumes that night. This is the last minute decision. This is wrong. Special Olympics is right to speak to me. They have done a lot of great work to support so many great athletes, and I am sorry for being insensitive to them. I have learned the knowledge.”
So, Megyn and Shaun: How could it be avoided?

The rules are simple. There are basically only three: don’t dress up as dead people; avoid cultural and offensive stereotypes; in order to love everything, don’t paint black faces with black or brown paint.

However, some people in our celebrity culture each year clearly ignore these rules – it’s weird when you think about it. How to position black paint, black paint, black paint, and black paint, celebrities stopped and said to themselves: “Do you know, this is probably not the best idea, maybe I should dress up Into a pumpkin or something else?

Fortunately, for the rest of us, these celebrities have given us a few examples of how not to dress up for Halloween for years. Here are some lessons.