In August, Maria Carey (mariahcarey) uploaded a photo of elastic curly hair, equally lively cleavage and a bold tiger-striped dress. She looks 48 years old, divided by 2! Maria Carey, 48, had a chance to show off her cleavage, though she was no longer submerged in the sea. Maria (mariah), 35, who has just spent a holiday with her boyfriend Brian Tanaka, has been wearing a seductive dress that she announced on instagram in August. “Friday

But we guess it’s no coincidence. After losing 30 pounds and the new song coming out, Oger Maria is back! her name, who began living in Las Vegas on July 5, was announced: the Butterfly returns. This is not the first time Maria has recently released a wonderful picture of herself. Or can we say jump into a time machine? The songbird spoilt us during her yacht vacation, and in August she released a photo of her wearing ultra-thin wet clothes. Watch the butterfly ring on her finger-the return is real! Even before that, she released her cutest photos in August and her boos. 13. Brian’s biceps almost diverted us from his girlfriend’s shocking waist in a Marcy dress!

Seriously, Maria is not playing. Think about warming up her Las Vegas home. At the end of September 6 th, she will arrange two international trips before the end of the year. Starting on October 16, she will fly across Asia for 12 transcontinental tours before flying to Europe and Britain on December 1 for a Christmas trip. Maria still has 20 energy, even if the left photo was taken 20 years ago.

After looking at this comparison between late ’90s Mariah and 2018 Mariah, we have one question. Where is the fountain of youth, and can she give us the map?