Meghan Markle is ashamed of wearing a thigh high waist slim dress in Australia

Now, she is looking forward to her first child with Prince Harry, Megan Marker is an unprecedented spotlight. Currently, prospective parents are currently starting to visit several countries belonging to the Commonwealth. Their first stop? Australia happens to be spring, and this season usually requires a light dress and a sleeveless top. Therefore, Meghan chose to wear a long dress with a thin shoulder strap and a thigh skirt that was slit from Reformation.
Unfortunately, some people waste time criticizing Megan’s clothing, saying it is “inappropriate” and “disrespectful” on the official Kensington Palace Instagram page. In general, critics think that this dress is too exposed for royal engagement, and some even call it “useless.” But not all negatives come from opponents. Many people did come to Megan’s defense, including a person who told the critics that “she can wear anything at will.”

Another person wisely pointed out that she seemed to be perfectly suited to take a walk on the beach on a “hot day.” A Meghan fan said as much as possible: “Meghan’s clothes are absolutely not wrong. Those who say that they are not suitable need to get grip! They are young and new generation members of the royal family. They are likely to try to attract the next generation. Like this dress! !”

[Shaming]) Unfortunately, women’s clothes are nothing new, and the Duchess of Sussex must have received a lot Heat has broken the old royal fashion agreement in the past. Although the Queen is said to dislike this kind of shoes, she wore a wedge. When the rules stipulated that she should wear stockings with skirts and skirts, she also walked barefoot.
Regardless of royalties, police women’s bodies and wardrobes are always a bad idea. This is especially bad when a woman becomes a mother’s preparation. Pregnancy itself is a stressful and overwhelming experience – Megan may have a million other priorities, not just her wardrobe. Although she has fixed herself as a fashion icon, her style will be talked about for decades, but that doesn’t mean she is ashamed because she simply makes personal style choices, giving priority to comfort and ease beyond perception. Appropriateness.”