They are comfortable, beautiful and safe – Jeans will be your go to choice if you intend to wear something that makes you feel free and also enhance your fashion score. We pick up the conventional blue or black jeans from the stores but most of us are not aware of the different types of affordable jeans in the market. What am I here for? These are some of the breath-taking and beautiful jeans that will make any women’s figure stand out

Slim and Straight ankle jeans

These are going to extend till your ankle but do not hug your legs like the skin tight jeans. They are comparatively loser but look trendy when you pair them with a loose collared shirt or tank top. They are the best choice for women who walk and move around a lot. They do not constrict you and still keep your fashion statement alive.


High Rise Straight Jeans


These are going to be high waist so you can team them up with good crop tops too. They are straight and do not have the female curves that usual jeans have. They do not hug your legs and remain loose. That itself is going to enhance the beauty of these affordable jeans


Ripped knee-length jeans

These are going to enhance the curvature of your hips and thighs. They can be worn with boyfriend shirts or crop tops. Either way, these are affordable and trendy.


Cargo jeans

Cargo pants are mostly preferred by men and if they come with the right print, you are more than elated to have them. In the same way, these jeans are shaped just like the cargo pants and would look great with some oversized tucked in shirt. They make you look slimmer and better.

End rolled up jeans

No, you are not rolling them up because they are long! The jeans are usually above your ankles and slight roll up is seen at the ends. This is a fashion experiment that went on to be female’s favorite

All the above mentioned jeans are available in the market and are completely affordable.