Jeans are the most democratic fabric in the wardrobe. It goes with everything, from plain to printed pieces, thinner and more casual fabrics, everything looks beautiful and very well coordinated. When the choice is to combine two pieces with denim fabric, the look remains quite usual and democratic.

Jeans with jeans: how to wear

The combination of jeans with jeans can be monotonous if you don’t use creativity to create a look. “Use several shades of jeans in the same look, but if you choose the same colors, choose jeans with different textures such as thicker pants and a thinner and lighter shirt”, indicates the personal stylist to create an interesting look.

Below are three combinations with jeans and some tips to rock when putting together these looks:

Pants and shirt

The pants and shirt combination can be considered the most democratic among the jeans and jeans combinations, as it looks beautiful on all women and is perfect for different occasions.

To make it more interesting, it is worth using the tip of combining different textures and washes. “I would also put on a colorful belt to make it stand out and thinner women can tie the shirt in the front instead of tucking it inside the pants”, says the stylist.

Skirt and shirt

The option of combining a skirt and denim shirt is very feminine and also quite youthful. Today midi denim skirts are on the rise and can form very interesting combinations that can be used in more formal events, for example.

“Skirt and shirt form a youthful look and, for this reason, it is recommended for younger women, especially if the skirt is short”, declares the personal stylist. However, with the variety of denim skirts available today, it is easy to create a look with the piece for women of all ages.

Shorts and shirt

For a relaxed combination, it’s worth betting on denim shorts with a shirt. Play with accessories to create colorful and creative looks. Use the combination for casual places like shopping malls.

“Shorts and denim shirts form very informal looks and are especially suitable for younger women. The combination is more interesting if the shirt fabric is lighter than the shorts. You can also leave the shirt open and put a tank top underneath or tie the shirt in the front”, suggests the stylist.

The best tips for wearing looks, in addition to the tips above, the personal stylist gave some more that can help you not to go wrong when making beautiful combinations of jeans and jeans. Look:

  • Accessories: accessories are great allies to break the monotony of the look. “In all denim looks, it’s always good to have a standout element like a belt or a brightly colored shoe. It can also be a more sophisticated necklace, a hat, or a scarf. For the colder days, a leather coat can be a good choice”,
  • Who can wear it: Every woman can create looks using denim with denim. The choice of combination will depend on the preferences and style of the woman. The personal stylist recommends that the looks get out of the monotony and suggests using a more monochromatic look, with similar jeans, or jeans of different washes, always adding a powerful accessory to make them look even more interesting.
  • Washing the jeans: washing with acid, which left some parts of the fabric stained white, interferes with the assembly of the look since it will be necessary to look for pieces that match the washing of the jeans. Other washes only serve to make the fabric softer.