You surely have heard about Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez and the fact that they are famous because of their bodies, especially their round and plump booties. Probably you wonder how they managed to make their silhouettes look like this and you would love to know how to have a better-looking booty. Keep on reading, because you are going to find out everything you wish to know!

The secret all along is shapewear! Yes, Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez use are and many other famous Hollywood celebrities. And if you wish to have a rounder booty you should definitely buy a butt lifter! If you are not sure which one will suit you best, below you will find which are the top five best butt lifters out there!

1. The smooth control butt lifter

This fantastic piece of shapewear will smooth out your silhouette and will make any outfit you might wear looking ten times better. It has 3 removable straps, anti-rolling strips, offers double compression and it can be worn all day long without any problems as it is super comfortable!

2. The high rise butt enhancer with front hooks

Another fabulous choice is the butt lifter with a high waist. This shapewear item is similar to a shapewear bodysuit as it will also help you contouring your silhouette while lifting your butt. While wearing this shapewear piece you will have a smaller waistline, a flat abdomen, and a lifted booty with thinner thighs too. Practically it’s a four in one shapewear item.

3. The high waisted shaper shorts butt lifter

A great alternative to the butt lifter with front hooks is this one that has a zipper, which will make it easier to put on and take off. So, if you are a newbie when it comes to shapewear, this will be perfect for you.

4. The butt sculptor

The butt lifter with mid-thighs will enhance your booty without flattening your hips and thighs due to the fact that the shorts are of medium length. It has a 3-D paneling and Powernet design that smooths and enhances your butt. Plus, it will also highlight your hourglass silhouette, and your outfits will look much better on you when you will be wearing it.

5. The breathable butt lifter

Nothing is more comfortable than a butt lifter made out of breathable and soft fabrics, especially during hot summer days. This body shaper is made out of nylon and spandex, which are highly comfortable and skin-friendly fabrics that provide moderate compression to the waist and the abdomen while lifting your butt. And if you were looking for the best plus size shapewear, you will be happy to find out that this body shaper has sizes all the way up to 4XL.

It’s best to buy at least two butt lifters in different colors so that you can wear them with all of your clothes. Also, be careful with the size and take your measurements correctly so that you choose the right fit. This is very important because the butt lifter has to fit you like a glove because only this way it will enhance your entire silhouette and make you look slimmer.