Scaly elbows? Knees that scream? Calves that itch? We are aware of your concerns. Dry skin will not just impact the cheek; external causes that cause fat and moisture breakdown could also cause our body to cry out for nourishment.

Areas subjected to chilly, dry weather are particularly vulnerable, and several health issues and medicines can further exacerbate dry skin.

This prevalent issue is the cause that 40% of us eventually wind up seeing a specialist. The drying can range from a small hardness to damaged areas and flakes, but it can be particularly severe.

It is important to recover hydration to the skin, and substances like ammonia, acids, and retinoid ought to be your initial line defense. Look for solutions meant to relax, rehydrate, and sometimes even exfoliate dry, flaking, or rough skin from the household.

Continue reading to learn about five moisture-rich moisturizing creams and an in-clinic procedure to meet all of your skincare needs.

Fluide Embryolisse Lait-Crème.

Trying to find a solution to mild dehydration? Everybody, especially newborns and kids, may benefit from this multi-purpose lotion. It may be used as a cleansing, a mask, a regular moisturizer, or a therapeutic after sun treatment item for adults. It’s made with cocoa butter, beeswax, jojoba, and aloe vera and makes the body soft and silky smooth.

Extra Plumping Body Lotion from Clarins.

This high-end lotion includes eight regenerative and plumping natural ingredients: lemon rosemary extraction, which maintains suppleness, and Centella Asiatica, which promotes collagen formation. And shea butter, which moisturizes. The lightweight, quickly digested product feeds the skin while smoothing away wrinkles, making it smooth and sensitive with increased elasticity and firmness.

Urea Repair Authentic 10% Urea Lotion from Eucerin.

This renewing cream, which contains 10% ammonia to assist seal in hydration and is great for everything else in usage, especially joint folds and knees, delivers intense hydration and smooths severely dry, peeling, and irritated skin. Urea, the current standard therapy for dryness, is created spontaneously by the system to tie liquid to the top surface of the epidermis. In contrast, lactate acts in a comparable effort to assist in maintaining hydration and avoid dryness.

Lipikar Lair Ammonia 5+ by La Roche Posay.

This relaxing skin milk includes urea (at 5% concentration) and hot mineral water, as well as an exfoliation ingredient to softly brush off any crusty patches while steeping and relaxing the skin.

Body Emulsion from ZO Healthy Skin.

This multi-action bodywork therapy gentle exfoliation of dead cells strengthens the skin’s natural layer and minimizes brown patches. Furthermore, a 12-hour time-release reactive combination protects the skin while increasing its texture, suppleness, and general appearance. Retinol, glucosamine and absorbed nutrients E, C, and A are components. This is something you should inquire about with a practitioner.

A solution that you can only find in a clinic.

When your moisturizer isn’t making it, and you have to bring in the big weapons, talk to an aesthetician or a skin specialist, who’ll be happy to suggest some options.