As a caretaker for five backyard chickens, I received text messages from many friends about the Centers for Disease Control’s warning about dressing chickens in Halloween costumes. Anyway, my October campaign list is not high – I tried to correct my chicken’s drooping crop by sliding the cut tube socks to her chest, and finally I scratched from the fingertips to the shoulders. Chickens don’t like to wear clothes.

But beyond that, it turns out that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention did not issue any anti-chicken clothing instructions – this news was misreported. So let’s say straightforwardly: If that’s you, turn your hen into a witch or something.

It is unclear where the initial rumors about the disease prevention and control center’s chicken-free clothing policy came from. Although the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued guidelines for safe handling and rearing poultry, there are no anti-clothing warnings on the agency’s website. (ie: “Don’t kiss your birds or snuggle them.”)

As long as the chicken owners take precautions to make sure they don’t spread Shamen’s hands, don’t let the chickens in the house, don’t eat or drink where the chickens live – then wear them should be no problem like Hennifer Lopez or Feather Flocklear or Chick Jagger. Maybe just wear a pair of thick elbow-high work gloves.