Concealer is crucial for completing a full face of makeup. Its primary function is to conceal scars, dark spots, acne, and under-eye bags after foundation and before setting powder. But concealer does much more than just cover up imperfections.

On the bridge of your nose, lower forehead, brow bone, cupid’s bow, higher cheekbones, or chin, concealer can also be applied as a cream highlighter.

To give the skin a little bit of brightness while removing any dark circles, hiding any redness, and concealing any dullness on the face, you must use concealer.

Choosing the greatest concealer for your unique needs is a challenge all on its own as if picking the perfect foundation for your skin type wasn’t already difficult enough.

Determine where you’ll actually be applying your concealer before choosing a shade. Using your trusted product on blemishes and under-eye circles simultaneously could help you save time and money.

How much or how little sleep we have, how much water we are consuming, whether we have been traveling, and whether we are under stress are all things that our under-eye area might reveal. You can brighten and awaken this extremely transparent area of the face by using concealer.

let’s discuss the top 5 concealers for a flattering look.

NARS Radiant Creamy concealer:

Although there are many excellent choices available, Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer is currently the best. The award-winning formula, which is recognized as the best by both makeup professionals and beauty lovers, performs everything from contouring and highlighting to color-correcting.

It also gives your skin a lovely, natural finish. Additionally, it is the simplest product to use with any cosmetic tool of your choosing, including your fingertip.

For up to 16 hours, this all-star concealer performs a fantastic job removing dark circles, reducing redness, and hiding imperfections. We also appreciate that a tiny version is offered.

NYX Professional concealer:

It is available in a variety of skin tones for your daily concealing needs, as well as a yellow-tinted variant to assist cover up purple under-eye circles when you’re sleep-deprived. The green-tinted solution is revolutionary for people with redness to prevent redness, all you need to do is dab on a little layer underneath your foundation.

Although I can’t say I tested this concealer for that long, it did hold up well in 35-degree heat for the majority of the day with only minor touch-ups. Because this concealer dries quite matte, if your undereye region is dry, be sure to apply an eye cream before applying.

Maybelline’s Instant Age Rewind Eraser:

Maybelline’s Instant Age Rewind Eraser has been a bright spot at the pharmacy since its 2010 debut. I adore the clickable pen and the pillow-soft sponge applicator. Reviews claim that this dependable recipe provides a concealer that works well in all situations.

DIOR Face & Body Flash Perfector Concealer:

The luminous cover-up, which is creamy, thick, and smooths over dry skin, doubles as a high-coverage concealer and a highlighter. The formula, which is made for both face and body, blends flawlessly without creasing and leaves a finished look that is glowing and natural. The waterproof, crease-resistant coating is guaranteed to last all day (and night).

L’Oréal Paris :

L’Oréal’s Unchallengeable collection of long-wearing cosmetics is brutal to beat when it comes to price. This waterproof concealer easily conceals imperfections and lasts up to 24 hours. Just be aware that it dries quite quickly and should be blended right away. This concealer is budget friendly and waterproof.


In your cosmetic kit, concealer is a fantastic item to use to mask flaws and balance out your skin tone.