HBO’s Sharp object has become one of the hottest shows in the summer, thanks to the wonderful storyline and the powerful performance of the actors. Although you may have realized how great the show has brought, bringing this fictional town of Wind Gap to life, have you noticed that this show is also making some important fashion moments?

Patricia Clarkson’s character, Adora Crellin, has been killing it since the first episode. What makes sense is that Adora always wears nine points because her character is addicted to how her family is portrayed in the city, but in the fifth episode of the limited series, she promoted her fashion game to a new one. Level.

Adora hosted an outdoor event for the town’s annual Calhoun Day celebration and wore a Temperley London plant-style lace dress embroidered with flowers, dragonflies, bumblebees and more. Although Adora may not be the best mother, we can’t help but steal her garden party style. Unfortunately, her delicate light blue designer dress is sold out, but you can still wear the same black dress or buy a similar embroidered dress below.