They say ‘beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder,’ but we believe that “you define your own beauty.” At Cosmolle, we exist to help you indulge your curves in luxury, with our radical belief that shapewear is body positive.

We want to change the conversation about shapewear and get you to wear those favorite outfits that you save for the weekend. Our seamless shapewear is specifically designed to contour your waistline to smooth the tummy and back. Whether you want to travel the world, rock at work, or beat pre and post-pregnancy, we are here to help.

We offer the best pieces of shapewear made from the world’s topmost designs, fabric compression levels, and cuts. Read on to know more about Cosmolle and why we are different.

We offer world-class shapewear

At Cosmolle, our mission is to bring out your inner beauty by shaping you from the outside. Our combination of the luxurious and deliciously soft fabrics with designs will leave you coming back for more.

Whether you are looking for seamless shaper panty & shorts, bodysuits, or slips, we have everything you need to get that shape back. They are all made with love to offer you comfort and give you control over your body.

We are all about you

Our primary focus has always been to enhance a woman’s body. We strongly believe that every woman is beautiful regardless of their size and shape. Our seamless shapewear is specially designed for comfort and control without squeezing.

Our toxin-free innerwear is meant to treat your skin just right. We empower women to be comfortable and embrace themselves—love those curves.

We don’t shape, we restore

Many women who come seeking our help regarding our shapewear always appear to have low esteem. Cosmolle gives them a chance to get back on their feet, feeling good and confident.

While other shapewear companies claim to control and shape a woman’s body, we are all about restoring confidence and comfort. We help you enhance your unique beauty. Our seamless shapewear panty & shorts adds all the transformation of mind and body, allowing your inner charisma to shine.

 We offer quality services and products

Another feature that makes Cosmolle stand out is our obsession with satisfying our clients and customers. We know that we are dealing with a delicate lot, and that’s why we offer quality products to suit everyone’s needs.

Since all women come in all sizes and shapes, we are prepared to handle each woman based on their individual needs. Whether plus, slim, petit, or just anywhere in between, we have everything for everyone.

Our shaping panties & shorts are all round

If you haven’t checked our shaping panties, then you are missing out on something really big. They are comfy, stretchy, and breathable with full tummy coverage. The seamless options are easy to wash, roll up and down. We have added the mesh and quality lace to help compliment some pieces in this collection according to your style and preference. Try out our seamless shaper panty & shorts, and you won’t be disappointed.