Megan Marker and Victoria Beckham became quick friends because the actress left the United States and spent the royal life with Prince Harry of England. Close observers of Marker’s wardrobe – many of them – It may be surprising that Markel has not yet worn an ensemble of her designer friends. Obviously, this is for a reason.

The Duchess of Sussex revealed that she had a problem with Beckham’s design, one that was good before she became a member of the royal family. In a recent interview with Glamour UK in 2017, Markle said that when choosing her outfit, she had to make sure they worked for people who didn’t have a “long torso.” “What I started learning was that although the things on the hangers looked amazing, it didn’t mean they would make me look amazing,” she added. “For example, I like Victoria Beckham’s dress, But I don’t have a long torso to support this contour. “In other words, this is not personal.

In the same interview, Marker also broke the way she wore clothes and said, “On a normal day, I like a straight dress with flat shoes and a short jacket. For me, if it is not too cold You are my travel suit – if you have a cold on the plane, I can throw a scarf on your lap! On the show [suit], I wear something that is very physically conscious, so there are some things that are easier. Breathing is very good. Because I have gotten older, I like longer dresses, but my legs are in my ears, I am not very tall, so when I wear short skirts, I must be very awake. ”

The only surprising aspect of any of this is that Beckham has not yet customized for Mark. Although she has been advising the Duchess as a fashion, she has served as a source of Vanity Fair. “They get along very well and have been in touch recently,” the source said. “Megan really likes the Victorian style and is keen to pick her brain and pull the work closet together. She likes Victoria’s elegant and beautiful dress, so I hope she will wear it soon.” This may happen now – when Beckham inevitably seizes Mark’s criticism.