As a new season approaches, you are probably thinking about how to give your wardrobe an update.  But do you consider giving your shapewear wardrobe an update?  Well, before you start to think about buying new clothes and adding them into your cart, the first thing to do is to have new shapewear.  This is because with new shapewear, you can rediscover the clothes that you already have.

When you have the right shapewear, you can make your old favorite clothes fit well again.  The right shapewear can make your old favorites fit well again. Do you know that shapewear helps to smooth out trouble areas and also enhances your curve so that clothes can fit the way it was designed to?   If you have the denim that is a lil tight or a dress that does not fit well, don’t give it away yet.  Update your shapewear closet first and then build your new wardrobe from hexinfashion.

Scroll ahead for a few styles of shapewear that can help you refresh your look, accentuate your hourglass figure and tips on how to wear it best so that it does not show through.

full body shapewear

The  full body shapewear offers an all-round a slimmer silhouette. They offer coverage from your lower bottom area to your upper back and bust.  The full body shapewear eliminates the bunching that usually happens beneath the bra and toward the top of the panty.

Coffee Color Full Body Shaper Underbust With Zipping Weight Loss


A butt-lifters provides firm control for your whole midsection and ensures that you a smooth waistline and flat abdomen.  It is seamless and high-waisted to gently sculpt the body into an hourglass silhouette.

Nude Plus Size High Waist Butt Enhancer Panty Smooth Silhouette

waist trainer

The waist trainer are designed to go up high on the torso in order to cover the waist . These wholesale waist trainers are aimed to smooth the lower tummy area and also reach up towards the bra. Made with compression fabrics  that are stronger in the important areas such as the  stomach and thighs, while lifting and accentuating other areas like your derriere with specially cuts and seams.  Waist trainer helps define the classic silhouette and show off those voluptuous curves.

Curve Creator Black 3 Rows Hooks Sling-Belt Waist Trainer

Control Leggings

Control leggings help to define and shape your legs. This type of shapewear can shape legs and provides a high waistband for tummy control. Its compression fabric helps to support the tummy, thighs, sculpt curves, smooth cellulite and everything in between. Stretch all the way to just below the bra, it offers a grip that keeps the shapewear from shifting.

Regardless of whether it is a panty shaper or full body shaper plus size,  make sure that you choose a color that matches your skin tone or the fabric that you are wearing over it for invisible shaping.  So if you are inspired to give your wardrobe a shapewear makeover, the above are some of the best smoothing shapewear that smooth and are invisible.