Did you know this? I have seen many cases where wrongly applied makeup does not beautify a person. On the contrary. It adds to a woman’s age, highlights imperfections, and makes her tired. That is why it is always good to read and use some tricks. Do you know that with the help of makeup you can completely change the shape of your face? Contours, blushes, and highlighters do just that. Their role is to make a part of the face visually shorter or longer, narrower or wider. I am fascinated by the power of makeup. If we all knew how to use it properly, we wouldn’t need make-up artists.

Tips for good makeup

At the beginning of my make-up, I thought that it was only important to apply the products. I didn’t know that there was a lot of power in the technique and the order of applying the product. As I get older, I conclude that the biggest mistake is putting in a lot of products. This seems messy. I am a growing supporter of gentle and discreet makeup, which seems natural.

A perfect face tan is paramount

I always wanted a face without imperfections. The girls who have it are really lucky. As I do not belong to that group, it is important for me to use good powder. Light texture powder, which still has a covering power. I am not a supporter of heavy foundations. They can close your pores. And they don’t look good on the face. Especially in summer, we have to choose good and quality products. If the heat and sweat made our make-up not smudge.

The power of contours and how they are applied – after the foundation

I have already mentioned to you how important contours are. I will try to share with you some tips that will help at least beginners. You may be wondering when to do contours. Before or after the foundation? My advice is definitely after. Contours are mostly done after foundation and corrector. The contours can be in various shapes. Liquid, powdered, like a stick. They are applied over powder and need to be bleached. Don’t skip this step. The more we blend and even out the contours, the more natural the face will look. The cool thing is that you can’t be seen wearing make-up. And to shine and look younger. Many flaws can be corrected with the help of makeup.

Choose the right shade

Start with a powder shade that is closest to your natural skin tone. And make sure the contour color is a little darker, but not too dark.

Contour before foundation?

Yes, it can! You may be a little confused now, but so was I. Now I am researching some novelties. And I saw the news that several make-up artists were proposing that as well. First, make contours on the face, and then apply foundation over it. The only thing that matters is that the product format is the same. If you choose liquid contour, you should use liquid foundation too. Or both products are solid. I haven’t tried this application sequence. I will tell you right away that I am waiting to read some more experiences. Have you tried contouring before foundation? I’m interested in everything. Who knows, maybe this will become our favorite way of makeup?