Do you know that a lot of women paint at home? I have been afraid of this step for a long time. I was afraid to dye my own hair. What is your situation? I set aside a large amount of money to go to the hairdresser. As the deadlines have been waiting for a long time, I knew I had to wait for a month. During that time, I would be annoyed and unpainted. Besides, I would sometimes know to come back be dissatisfied with a new hairstyle or hair color.

Be your own hairdresser

The pandemic era also brought some good things. As the hair salons were closed, I took matters into my own hands. I knew I didn’t want to be unpainted for a few months. I researched which hair dyes are best. And what procedure to follow. I also gathered a lot of advice from my friends who have been painting themselves at home for a long time.

Hair should be afforded top care

They are no more beautiful than healthy hair. Lush and shiny hair is a feature of a real lady. If I apply any advice, it is to always keep my hair clean. Dyeing can dry out your hair, so I always suggest extra care. Hair masks are a great thing. If you are unable to buy, natural masks with ingredients from your kitchen can also help.

The quality of hair dye is the most important thing

Dyeing hair at home is really not a complicated thing. The process is simple and you can’t go wrong. You only need to take care to keep the paint on your hair for as many minutes as prescribed and as it says on the paint box. I am a natural brunette, or rather my hair is dark brown. But I don’t think it looks good on me, so I paint it blue. This requires quality dye so as not to ruin and ruin my hair. Never save money when buying hair dye. Quality paint will save you a lot of money. With it, you will not spend extra money on hair recovery after coloring.

Best hair color brand

Below I will present to you the best brands of paints and the best and most commonly used shades. There is nothing wrong with them. Stay with me to share our impressions and learn something new.

Revlon – Golden Brown

Revlon is a brand behind years and years of successful work. The company instills confidence. So I’m pretty sure this is the right choice. The classic shade of brown is always welcome and generally looks great on everyone. This is the paint I buy for my mom. And I can convey positive impressions from her experience. For women who are in some years, it is important that the paint covers gray hair. This one does it! I can’t help but mention the vegan formula. That attracted me the most. There are a lot of vegans in today’s world. I have the impression that the consciousness of people on the planet is growing and that we are all turning to healthier alternatives. As you can see on the box, the paint is free of silicone, sulfate, parabens, and ammonia. Don’t forget that everything we put on our hair seems to enter our bodies. So be careful and be guided by good reviews.

Schwarzkopf – Keratin Color

Keratin is a big trend in the world. Girls and women swear by his power. If you have damaged hair, keratin is the right thing to do. It fills the hair and makes it stronger and shinier. And is there anything better than a combination of dye and keratin? The magic packaging will make your hair healthy and beautifully colored. Intense color is something Schwarzkopf is known for. Have you ever used any keratin hair products?

Loreal – Ombre

Ombre has been in trend for several years and does not plan to step down from that position. It is very appreciative of wearing. It allows growth but does not seem messy. I see more and more girls opting for ombre or some similar fuzzy strands. The strands give the hair a visual effect of density. Loreal has hit everything that is in trend with this product. With a special accessory, you will lighten the ends of your hair. It is easy to use and intended for the home version of the dye.

Garnier Olia – Oil Power

This is Garnier’s best product. I don’t think there is a woman who hasn’t seen this packing of paint. Red hair color is the hardest to get out at home. The shade of red you get depends on many factors. That is why all the recommendations go for this shade – Light Intense Auburn. I know that the girls achieved impossible results with her. After coloring, the hair is silky, hydrated, and shiny. The technology and ingredients of the oil make it possible.

Do you have any advice? If you are thrilled with some more hair dye I would love to hear. Feel free to share all your experiences.