Night dresses and shapewear are both items that women deem fit for their comfort and confidence respectively. While they might look similar on the surface level, it is important to note that they might not perform the same functions and might not be suitable in the same context. For example, every woman’s aim when she’s home, away from the public is to get rid of or get out of anything that might have made her uncomfortable throughout the day. I bet you know what you can’t wait to take off when you get home. Consequently, she seeks for something free and that allows free flow of air. Something that is not body hugging! I am sure you can put the pieces together and note that the way shapewear is designed would not fit in into such a context.

However, shapewear could also fit in in peculiar circumstances because of their sexiness. Surely you want to appear irresistible to your partner and no doubt about the fact that shapewear can do just that for you.

On the flip side, a nightdress wouldn’t fit into a public context and cannot be seen outside without an awkward reaction from whoever sees you in it.

I’m sure this has helped in shedding some light on the night dress-shapewear relationship. I would streamline this write up to shapewear and the best there is and of course you could see which one catches your fancy and would fit into that peculiar context as a night dress.

I would begin with the best seamless shapewear and to start with,


  1. Luxury Seamless 1021 Exclusive Butt Lifter

    butt lifter seamless shapewear

This is a splendid design of shapewear that gives the butt that smooth and perfect appearance and adds no form of discomfort

It comes without seams and is a smooth catch.



  1. Luxury Lycra 0228 Mid-thigh Powerslim Short



seamless shapewear shorts by Cosmolle

Here is also a wonderful option that gives you that wonderful look and comfort you long for.


  1. Seamless Lycra 0227 Bodysuit Shaper

seamless shapewear bodysuits

This seamless shapewear perfectly tucks in the tummy and makes large waists appear smaller. Suitable for women particular about the sizes of their waists. It ensures breathability and comes in a fabric that is not harmful to the skin. It gives an avenue for you to put on your own bra as you may deem fit. It is worth the cost

4.Luxury Seamless 1023  Shaping Panties

shaper panty

This shapewear is amazing for comfort and is a tummy control shaper panty which is a great option for you. It ensures ease in putting it on and putting it off. It as well gives room for you to put on your own bra. It equally shapes your body in the perfect manner.

  1. Seamless 1027 High Waisted Shaper Panty

seamless shapewear panty by Cosmolle


This is a perfect tummy shaper shapewear that gives an instant slimming effect. It at the same time offers smoothness and firmness. With this shaper panty you are sure to be able to get into any outfit and maintain that amazing look. It is worth the consideration.