There is no doubt about the fact that curly hair is one of the best and sexiest forms of hairstyles that any woman can have. Not only they can enhance your attractiveness, but curls can have a positive effect on changing your overall appearance as well.

That being said, it is also difficult to maintain the curls for a long period of time. It needs dedication, time and effort to keep them constant, just the way you like them. If you are facing issues to keep your curls exactly as they are, let us share some of the best ways to curl your hair. These steps will not only help you maintain the curls but also help you create funky curls in a very short time.

The first way is to opt for the twist and press method when you are drying your hair. A lot of us use rough drying but due to the rigorous motion, the natural curls get crushed. On the other hand, if we can just gently press and twist, it will help in preserving the natural curls. Take the towel, press and twist your hair gently instead of roughly rubbing it.

The next way to get good curls is to ditch the hairbrush. Curly hairs are more brittle and dry than other types of hair. So if you pull it too hard, it will break. Thus, you will lose the natural shape of the curls. If you want to untangle, it is better to run a wide-teeth brush and a conditioner through your hair.

If you can, then ask your hairstylist to feather the ends of your hair, especially with scissors or razors. This is one of the best secrets of hairdressing. This is just like a  synthetic ribbon. Once you scrape the surface with the sharp edge of one end of a scissor the end looks like a curl. That’s what feathering is all about.

If you want the best curls, then it is a great idea to use the diffuser while blow-drying. All you need to do is turn the hair color settings to “low” and then drop them in the diffuser. Now, you have to use your hand for pushing your hair around to ensure you define every strand.

Also, make sure that you avoid anti-frizz products. These anti-frizz products will only add weight to the hair and bring them down. Yes, curly hair is dry, buy at the same time it is important to define the tassels as well.