You might think it’s difficult to put together the perfect summer look, but it’s not. All you need to do is learn a few basic tricks to choose pieces that allow you to create a comfortable look. Additionally, you can analyze issues such as cut, length, type of fabric and colors.

In the heat, we end up developing some special needs that are exclusive to the season. You should always opt for pieces that don’t cause stuffiness, as all features that make you feel cooler are welcome. You can get through the hottest season of the year in a simplified way if you include a built in shapewear dress in your routine, for example.

Choose light colors

Colors don’t just follow your personal style or fashion trends. They are essential for making your body temperature more pleasant depending on the season. In summer, opt for light colors. They can prevent heat from being retained in your body and facilitate the natural cooling process.

Therefore, opt for pieces with soft tones such as pink, green, blue and white. But you can also bet on versions with lots of color. For a night out, details that illuminate, such as stones or metallics, can work very well if you want an extra touch of glamour. So, a magenta leather dress can help you create a fun look with features that highlight your most beautiful features. A dress with a front zipper is timeless, you can adjust the neckline according to the needs of the moment and still ensure that the shapewear mesh leaves your belly perfectly symmetrical.

Freedom is paramount

That’s why you should invest in pieces that allow you to get through hot days in comfort. You can invest in clothes that make you happier with your body, like a shapewear maxi dress. Thin straps are important, avoid anything that is too closed. Allow your body to breathe calmly.

If you have to wear a more formal-looking outfit, invest in a dress with short sleeves that will serve the purpose without making you feel hot. Other than that, the straps are a favorite, as in addition to keeping you cooler, they can be adjusted so that the dress adapts assertively to different body types.

A maxi dress has breathable fabric, so you can spend the day in the same clothes without worrying about excessive sweating. The open gusset is another important feature, as it makes going to the bathroom easier. Technological clothing offers features that simplify your day, so you can better manage your time to plan personal achievements.  

Bet on prints

Prints can add extra charm to your look. Not only them, but also the textures and applications. You can add a printed item through a bag, shoe, hat, or scarf. Try to keep the base of your clothes always neutral to achieve more practicality when dressing and avoid overdoing it.

Lace is often used by women to add a touch of sensuality to their look. So, if you can choose a dress that already has this detail, such as the lace slip maxi dress, it will be an assertive investment for you to explore different versions of yourself. The faja shorts deliver compression with comfort so you can build a beautiful hourglass shape.