How beautiful it is to cover every part of our body from the cold during the winter, and above all to do it at the height of the neck, avoiding all the sore throats that would take us away from our usual daily routine, forcing us to stay in bed. Turtleneck sweaters are perfect for defending ourselves from this type of attack, and all we have left to see is to understand which ones to choose and how to combine them. So, let’s go and see some very particular styles that we can create with solid color turtleneck sweaters before the cold arrives!

Choose a sweater to be inserted inside the trousers

Let’s start with a timeless classic that never goes out of style. We are talking about a perfect outfit for autumn, which does not give feelings of too hot or too cold, an outfit that makes you feel good whatever the outside temperature is. Perfect outfit that will allow you to go to school, university or work without having to give up style!

Choose oversize

Why not take advantage of a long turtleneck sweater in order to transform it into a super sexy dress? Well, this idea is definitely a winner one, especially if we add to this dress a pair of tights with some particular print and a pair of high or low boots that slim our silhouette.

Crop top

I know, we probably go from one excess to another, but it must be said that, in order to cover yourself from the cold when you wear a skirt, you have to start by covering your throat well, avoiding any type of ailment. So here is a completely new and ideal way to combine all those skirts that we wear carefree in the summer, but that, when the cold arrives, we are only afraid to try to see how they fit!

Total neutral-colored outfit

You can also decide to opt for a simpler style and give priority to the alchemy of colors, such as an outfit that you see perfectly created in the photo above, where the beige of the pants meets the light brown of the sweater and the hat, for an outfit that will help you make a good impression, whatever your daily commitments are.

White sweet white

It is never forbidden to wear white in autumn or winter, so know that you have all the freedom to create all the outfits you want, wearing a white garment that frames your accessories. By wearing a turtleneck sweater, you will have the opportunity to wear your favorite accessories, such as bags, necklaces and belts making them stand out best, thanks to the delicacy of your white sweater.

A larger style than usual

It’s nice to keep warm in any situation during the winter, so why not do it with a few centimetres more around your waist? Choose the color you like best and create your outfit with your huge turtleneck sweater!

Puffy sleeves

And for the series, trends are everywhere, here is a clear example of how puffy sleeves also arrived on turtleneck sweaters. By wearing it, you will not need anything to complete your outfit, just ad a pair of simple jeans to look good, fashionable and with a lot of sense of style.