Kim Kardashian stood out from her clothes because she showed off her famous curve during the NYC party.

Kim Kardashian turned to the head in New York City on Tuesday night. The star following Kardashian came out of a beautiful white dress and caught the attention of the photographer when she took her picture.

According to the “Daily Mail” reported on October 9, Kim Kardashian attended the Tiffany Blue Book series conference in New York on Tuesday and chose her equipment.

Kardashian was wearing a low-cut, white dress with a floor length that became rude. When the dress reveals a bare back and ribs, the real star is full of cleavage and a fit belly.

Kim chose some bling in the evening, and her right hand wore a shiny short necklace and multiple rings. She wears long black hair, separated from the middle, and built in smooth natural waves.

Gold makeup makes sense because she shows a smooth, wrinkle-free face, dark blush and berry-colored lips. Kardashian’s mother, Chris Jenner, also participated in the event with her daughter.

Some fans posted NSFW photos online through her Instagram account and slammed Kardashian. Talk show host Wendy Williams even smug on Kim Jong Il, calling the photo “sad” and “desperate” to make her husband Kanye West’s recent behavior and political roaring focus.

“People are going to call her, ‘poor, desperate, sad.’ – I agree, agree and agree. This photo is so unnecessary when the husband loses all the marbles. Although he is losing it, she wants to use it. This kind of photo distracts…we can’t forget Kanye because he’s everywhere, and it’s not very good,” Williams told her audience in her hot topic clip this week.

However, Kim seems to refuse to apologize for immortalizing her body in a sexy snapshot.

Fans can see more of Jinka Dyshan’s fashion choices and personal life, playing with Kardashian on E on Sunday night!