You missed the hidden details of Carrie Underwood’s AMA red carpet dress.

When Kelly Underwood doesn’t look perfect, will someone “remind me”? Because we really don’t think there exists – we have photos to prove it!

Underwood shines at the 2018 American Music Awards ceremony on Tuesday night, when she announced her second child and made her debut on the red carpet. The “Crying Pretty” singer wears a tight-fitting black dress, revealing a neckline that looks amazing, but the gold-plated decoration really caught our attention, for the sweetest reason: they look like the details on her red carpet. same. I have my son Isaiah!

In December 2014, Carrie participated in the American Country Countdown Award, her first baby bump. She wore a slim-fit dress with complex gold accents on her sleeves and waste. Both get up with a slight mermaid-style bottom and open-leg sleeves. She also wears very similar gold drooping earrings with her signature smoky eye makeup and bare lip combination.

But the similarities don’t stop there! She also has similarities in performance costumes in the two shows. Last night, the singer put on a flowing maroon dress, and in 2014, when she performed her biggest hit song, she also chose a loose number. Both have transparent fabrics, belt detailing and body wrinkles. She used both loose waves to call her hair, and her front layer was drowsy.

All four dresses of course have similarities: each of them looks beautiful! (Of course, her voice is also very obvious.) It seems that Underwood definitely found some of the pregnancy styles she likes – she is swinging it!