Kylie Jenner wearing a tight-fitting baby blue latex dress

Right here: Kylie Jenner returned to it with a tight latex dress, we are here. Kylie has never avoided some out-of-the-box looks. Recently, we have seen more and more artificial leather and latex in her movement, which is not the simplest fabric. For beginners, the shiny aspects of these dresses look awkward in the picture (hellooooo flash photography), and the quality of the material can sometimes make people feel uncomfortable. But as usual, Kelly found the perfect way to rock style.

On Saturday, October 6, Kylie posted her photo on Instagram with her tight-fitting light blue latex rubber dress, with a diamond emoticon to mark the photo. Diamonds may be the girl’s best friend, but it seems that latex is the second place for Kelly. She designed the dress with a pair of fashion-forward sunglasses, a super cute clutch and some shiny wrists in a bling style.

The fans quickly commented on the pay-per-view jersey. One user commented, “You look very dazzling. You are just an explosive. They will explode wherever you go,” and another said, “I love you that light blue. This is my favorite. One of the colors. “Even sister Khloe Kardashian joined in love, writing,” Kylie, I can’t explain how amazing you are. “We support a supportive sister!

This is not the first time Kelly shakes the look of a tight-fitting dress. In early September, Kylie wore Vex’s pink latex dress in her super cute Instagram photo taken by her daughter Stormi Webster. She was also seen wearing a tighter look, including a red two-piece suit that shocked us.

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