The Royal Observer of the Eagle Eye will find a clear resemblance between the 2011 Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding dress and her good friend Sophie Carter’s recent walk in the aisle.

In late September, the Duchess was accompanied by the Duke of Cambridge, at the wedding of Sophie and Norfolk St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, Robert Geggs, while Prince George and Princess Charlotte played the role of boy and girl. (Sophie is also the godmother of Charlotte.)

We want to know if Kate himself found Sophie’s wedding dress very familiar? Its resemblance to her iconic Alexander McQueen dress is unmistakable.

Like Kate’s dress, Sophie’s V-neck lace bodice and transparent lace sleeves. At first glance, it can almost become a copy of the dress that defines Kate and William’s 2011 royal wedding (in fact, the influence of Kate’s dress on the wedding dress market should not be underestimated.)

However, as Harper’s Bazaar points out, there are also significant differences between Kate and Sophie’s clothing design. Sarah Burton’s Kate dress features a full skirt appliqué lace with Victorian enamel on the back, while the Sophie wedding dress shows a silky crepe in a more minimalist style.

Sophie chose a simple white silk headband instead of a diamond-encrusted headgear (Kate’s famous Cartier halo reel tiara) to create the look.

No one has ever been to the bride, and the Duchess has recycled the blue jacket designed by Catherine Walker for the event – she finally wore it for the 2017 Royal Visit to Berlin. (This dress is especially suitable for that visit, because its shadow is called Berlin Blue or Prussian Blue, a pigment developed in Berlin in the 18th century.)

Inspired by the sense of wedding occasions, Kate added a floral headpiece to the outfit and was acclaimed for its “retro atmosphere”.

In order to avoid over-focusing on herself and recycling the clothes she had worn before, this is a similar trick she took at the wedding of Prince Harry and Megan Markle earlier this year. Alexander McQueen, wearing this white coat, has seen it twice: the baptism of Princess Charlotte in 2015 and the birthday celebration of Queen Elizabeth II in 2016.

This month, after her third child, Prince Louis, was born, Kate has long returned to the royal family after five months of maternity leave.

Her visit to a forest school in London marked her first formal participation since she gave birth.