Paris (AP)-Maisonmargieela collaborated on Wednesday at the Paris Fashion week issue as designer John Gagliano bravely supported gender differences on a powerful new runway. This is an important issue everywhere, especially in the image-driven global fashion industry, which in recent years has deliberately blurred the definition and boundaries of men’s and women’s clothing to produce fewer designs. “the designer of the new design launched her first collection and dried Van Noten to bring a visual carol to the flower.”

It was a bold statement against what she called “double stigmatization” of female and male styles. It is a creative fashion show that promotes gender-free fashion and features identical outfits, such as coats, taxis, cloaks. Designer Gagliano’s genius scissors cut them apart to deconstruct them. The bow of a party dress in salmon satin jacquard was hung in a gray men’s jacket in various styles. A glistening golden cloak dress, imitating a man with a fluffy hair, had a cut and weight, reminiscent of a men’s coat. While gender bending is the main theme, other apparently interesting references are sneaked in, such as a lace dress with a pure georgette, to evoke swimwear.

This is what this playful home calls “misappropriation”. Gagliano launched a gender-conscious theme under the guise of (margiela) ‘s new “Rebellion” perfume. On Wednesday morning, guests were educated in a short film about gender. Magila was one of the first institutions to confront and explore the ideas behind this industry-wide approach, which has crept into many large fashion shows in Paris, including Kenzo and Givenchy. San Laurent and Vivian Westwood (vivienne westwood). Some blame economic pressure (given the lower cost of a presentation) for the decision to design a merger between men and women, while others see it as more socially appropriate, as the West becomes increasingly aware of gender mobility. In Magella’s film, six women’s narratives reverberate in the Grand Palace, including model Hannah Gaby Odiler, who appeared in public last year. In the film, Odiel explains her struggle with “characteristics that do not fit the definition of a woman or a man.” Odiel continued: “A lot of people are ashamed to live alone and secretly.” The first thing you heard when you were born was’ this is a girl’or ‘this is a boy’. This is my mutiny. ”

Odiele modeled in the show, walking proudly down the runway in a double-breasted satin suit to cheers and applause.


It was the debut collection for Yolanda Zobel, a media-shy French-German designer whose appointment at Courreges was announced in February.

Although Zobell used to work behind the scenes with Jill Sander and the acne studio, her previous work was little-known. Wednesday’s show has a lot to prove-the brand, founded in the 1960s, is famous for its iconic miniskirts and space-age designs. After years of living in the wilderness, the house was restarted in 2015 and won praise. Zobell’s efforts were not fully achieved. These designs capture the iconic feel of disinfection in the house-a clean white thigh high coat with transparent panels underneath. Baggy yellow-and-white shorts of the 1960 s cut an elaborate suit with a non-white silk coat with a circle on the chest.

But Zobell came up with too many ideas-style, silhouette and detail-and sometimes too busy. For example, a dramatic steel blue a- line anorak and black Mary Jane shoes match a cyclist’s shadow and patterned tights on a model. Zobell, who feels gifted, is trying too hard. Drying Van Norton’s carols to flowers is like flowers in full bloom in spring.

Belgian Master dry Van Norton creates a fluently collected floral inspired dress that moves in a softer direction than normal. The house’s so-called “decisive” and “fresh” palette translate into sunflower yellow, white, cadmium and powdered blue, flowers and dirt. Flower theme and dress cross pollination. The loosened top spread like a flower at the bottom, sometimes like a petal of droplets. Fingerprints are characterized by plant images. While dangerous natural markers-contrast colors and white stripes-appear in black, soft silk skirts and blue men’s jackets and dresses. The latter has a completely enclosed quality, making it look like blue and white stripes are organically left on the model’s body.