Bella Hadid walked out of a dress in Paris last night, and it seems that she forgot to put on her clothes and took the whole trend of “underwear as a street outfit” to a new level.
On Tuesday night, the model hosted a jewelry brand, the Chrome Hearts party, with Off-White designer Virgil Abloh, and wore a black bodice mini skirt with a zippered front. She wore a sheer black tights, put on a black blazer and entered the club from the car. Bella’s accessories are the same as the clothing itself: she wears a thick silver chain around her neck, a large “XO” ring on the middle finger, and a faux fur leopard wallet.
As for beauty, we can even say that this may be the best side of her history. Bella’s hair hangs down, with an exaggerated bump on the top, and makeup artist Hung Vanngo creates the perfect sparkling eye makeup for a look.
In the past few years, Bella has used this “naked” as her flagship style. In June, she wore a completely pure Dior tutu. She also wore a meshed Alexander Wang leotard from Met Gala in 2017 and a mesh dress that she wore at the end of the party.
Although the runners in the runway are full of confidence in these types of clothing, even if she is not without her insecurity. “I think everyone in the world feels insecure. It’s crazy because I think when other people see all the VS models or all the girls walking, they will say, ‘They are not without any insecurity. But I think every girl who is going to walk may have insecurities,” she told Elle before she walked through Victoria’s secret fashion show for the first time in 2016.