There aren’t many things worse than getting into your favorite makeup pose for a photo and realizing your teeth aren’t quite as white as you’d like them to be. Your beautiful appearance can be severely hampered by a stained smile.

It’s more said than done to keep your teeth completely white if you frequently consume coffee, black tea, or red wine. Fortunately, wearing the appropriate lipstick can help teeth look whiter. 

Remember that orange and yellow shades tend to highlight the same tones in your teeth when picking lipstick to make them appear whiter. Simply hold the lipstick up to the light to reveal the colors; they will immediately stand out.

It’s fine to look for lipstick colors that will make your teeth appear whiter, but the shade you select must also go well with your skin tone. While darker pinks and cranberries look best on people with olive skin tones, true reds look best on people with medium skin tones. Red blended with coral complements fair skin tones. Darker skin tones can easily pull off burgundy hues.

Find out what lipstick color will make your smile brighter and make your teeth look whiter by using the method below.


Red lips are in style all year long. Red lipstick may be the most generally flattening of all cosmetics, but there is a small line between using red lipstick to make your teeth look whiter and using it to give them a less-than-bright appearance.

Avoid any reds with an orange base; a blue-based red is a way to go.


Fruit punch lipstick has color in between a cool-toned red and a rich pinkish tone. The color resembles the natural lip stain that develops after consuming too much of a sweet beverage or a cherry-flavored ice pop. You may prevent getting the color on your teeth by applying it as lipstick on purpose. Instead, the color will make your teeth sparkle more brightly. 


Try a cool-toned pink lipstick for daytime makeup looks when you want something a little more eye-catching than a pinky nude or for nights out when you don’t feel like a super-bold lip color. A warm-toned lipstick will, as we previously discussed, highlight the yellow tones in your teeth.


There’s no doubting a nude lip’s loveliness; it’s the ideal lip color for almost every situation. You can wear it regularly or for a night out on the town, and match it with a smoky eye. Avoid nudes with warm undertones that may make your teeth appear more yellow and instead choose for nudes with a pinkish or pale undertone to bring out the brightness of your pearly whites.


If you enjoy wearing dark, statement lipstick colors, you don’t necessarily need to wait until winter to do so. Just be sure to avoid warm-toned colors and stick to berries. Any stains on your pearly whites will be balanced out by the purple-blue base of a berry lip.


Make a fashion statement by wearing a trendy blue lip color. There are few lipsticks better than a full-on blue shade when it comes to making your teeth look whiter and brighter. It’s up to you whether you want a lighter or deeper shade of blue.


Your teeth’s shine can be improved by applying a lip gloss as a finishing coat. Avoid wearing colors like gold and bronze, which could make your teeth appear yellow, as well as too dazzling hues, which could make your teeth appear dull in comparison.


The teeth appear whiter because to the blue undertone. Your teeth would appear less white and more yellow if you were wearing red lipstick with a yellow-orange undertone.