Skincare routines are the passion of every woman. However, we have recently been confused about which products we can buy, as there is a wide range of skincare products. We can take an example of the products that contribute to the beauty of celebrity skin and the products they mention. Kate Middleton is also curious about how she has such healthy, shiny skin, as it drives world fashion. Kate Middleton said she was a big fan of rosehip seed oil. And do we know the benefits of rosehip seed oil to our skin?


Thanks to minerals, vitamins, and abundant linoleic acid in the contents of rosehip seed oil, sebum provides you with excellent moisture without disturbing the balance. It protects your skin from moisture loss for a long time by creating a structure that does not block pores and does not leave a greasy feel when doing so. It has a very easily absorbed2 type of dry oil consistency. It supports your skin against aging effects, fights the appearance of wrinkles, helping to make the skin look young.

Defying the years with her beauty, Jennifer Aniston surprises everyone with her beauty despite her age. Sharing tips on healthy living, Jennifer Aniston states that she cares about the cleanliness of her skin and that her daily make-up is minimal. For skin care, she actually shares a secret that we can all easily make at home, take it in a bowl of ice and splash it on your face. The cold water removes the dead layer of the skin and removes the accumulated dirt. Cold water balances the water content of the skin. Thus, you can prevent the formation of pimples on oily skin.

Sofia Vergara says the beauty secret is using calendula oil. He says he added it to his skincare routine at night and couldn’t give it up. The benefits of Calendula oil to our skin are to eliminate aging effects on the skin and reduce skin stains. It also provides a moisturizing effect for dry skin.

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Hailey Bieber, a new generation of icons with beauty, says beauty is a healthy, clean, and minimalist look, and therefore she prefers light products. After cleaning the skin with a coconut oil-based face-cleaning oil, the sun protector is not missing from her purse, saying that she is applying skin serum and moisturizer respectively.

Monica Belluci, a legendary actress that I personally admire, draws attention with her shiny and healthy hair as well as her skin. Monica Bellucci attributes the secret of this to applying an olive oil mask to her roots before washing her hair. The beautiful actress says that she drinks a lot of water and eats mainly vegetables.

Finally, I would like to point out that; Celebrities have one thing in common in their skin beauty secrets. Skin cleansing and the necessity of not sleeping without removing your make-up. You should also pay attention to whether you are allergic to the natural oils mentioned. You can drip a few drops on your wrist and observe if your skin reacts.