It is finally time for boots! It is that time of the year when we put off all the summer clothing and pull out our warm knitwear and boots. Autumn is a special season – it is a fashion season! Seriously, all the fashion lovers like this period of year. It is the time of year when they get to be creative the most. Don’t you just love autumn? We definitely do!

But it is time to cut to the case, meaning subject of this article and those would be boots. Some love them, some don’t, but let us be honest, we all wear them. Therefore they deserve to be talked about. As we already mentioned leather is so popular or so to tell trendy right and of course leather boots seem to be a logical option in that case. Actually leather boots are always a logical choice and that is our poin exactly. This is the piece in your closet you should definitely have. Not only should you have it but it would be a good idea to invest in such iconic piece. We know that us women are sometime tempted to buy for example three pairs of boots for avarage price instead of maybe to invest in a bit more expensive ( but of higher quallity ) pair of boots. In longer run that pair of boots will turn up to be a better option. Of course, you do not have to spill a ridicilous amount of money but also you should not go for the cheapest ones. We also wanted to talk about importance of comfort in your boots. Your boots have to be comfortable! You will wear them every single day during winter and maybe even autumn, so you would like to choose them carefully. You can’t imagine how uncomfortable shoes can ruin your mood. Boots are actually supposed to boost your confidence ( every piece of clothing is! ) and to ruin it, so be careful. Regarding the type of boots you choose, you do not have to be so careful because almost anything you choose it won’t be a mistake. The choice is huge and it is up on you to see what type of boots fit your style. What type of boots will you choose.

BY FAR Sofia leather ankle boots
Balmainchunky ankle boots
Leather cowboy boots

Down below we linked some of our favorites, so check them out.