Tummy control panties and bodysuits are your best friends in giving your waist a little cinch, your butt a little lift, and your curves some smoothening. These shape wears are beginner-friendly which can aid in giving your body that little oomph.

Here`s everything you need to know about body shaping panties and tummy control bodysuit so you can maximize their uses:

1. Adjustable Crotch Butt Lifting Shapewear

One of the best shapewears you can find is one with a zipper in the middle of your stomach. This is because this closes the shapewear nicely and doesn`t create a lot of bulges when worn underneath tight-fitting clothes. This is also easy to wear because it isn`t a full-body shaper. You can still choose the bra you would like for comfort.

2. Postpartum Recovery Tummy Control Body Shaper

If you just had surgery or has just given birth, you may feel like you need the support of a body shaper to keep your curves intact. A postpartum recovery tummy control bodysuit is definitely your best friend.

If you`re not used to wearing these, you can start off by choosing a body shaper that`s just right for your size, and not too tight. This way, you`re not forcing your body to fit in a small bodysuit.

3. Zippered Full Bodysuit

A zippered full bodysuit is absolutely ideal if you`re wearing a full dress or gown. This is because you can be assured that you`ll get the body support you need in lifting your butt, slimming your thighs, cinching your waist, smoothening your body curves, and helping you have a better body posture.

Besides full dresses and gowns, you can actually also wear this at home and simply put on a pair of shorts since this is crotchless.

4. Thong Tummy Control Panties

If you aren`t too comfortable with zippers, steel bones, hooks, straps, and other closures, a lace trim thong bodysuit shapewear is perfect for you. This works just like a regular panty but with the additional benefit of butt lifting and waist cincher.

You can wear this just like regular underwear and enjoy smooth flowing curves when worn with tight-fitting dresses.

5. Double Layer Elastic Bodysuit

If you want fuller coverage for your bottoms area, a double layer elastic bodysuit and tummy control panty is for you. This simply looks like high-waist lace and short cycling shorts.

This is ideal to wear with mini dresses or shorts because it provides coverage for the bottoms area with lace and cinches your waist through the double layer elastic in the waist area.

6. Adjustable Butt Lifting Shapewear

To get the complete package, opt for a tummy control panty with an extras butt lifting feature. This usually has pads for your bottoms for a curvier look.

There are a variety of options to choose from when it comes to shopping for tummy control bodysuits and panties. This is because some shapewears target the butt area, some target the waist area, and some simply want to target the overflowing fats from love handles or under the bra.

The main tip that you should always remember when it comes to shopping the best tummy control panties, is to choose for the appropriate size, choose one which you can use with most of your clothing items, and choose one which you think will give you the most comfort at the same time results.