Hello loves !!! All right? How good a wedding party is, but sometimes when we are prepared to go to a wedding party we are in doubt of what to use at the wedding.

For each wedding you must wear a type of Dress, for example, if you go to a wedding in the church you must wear the appropriate clothing for an occasion. And if you go to a wedding at a farm in the morning, already order another type of dress.

Church Day Wedding Dress

Day wedding can be more difficult. Most of the wedding dresses for sale are too shiny and too bold for religious ceremonies. So the tip is to bet on long dresses, with floral patterns and lighter. Beware of white, after all you are not a bride!

Morning weddings tend to be more intimate and require less flashy clothes. Short dresses (without exaggeration), and even skirts with very elegant blouses are the most suitable. A long flowery dress, of a less noble fabric can also fit like a glove.

Colors: Prefer light colors or delicate prints. But, be careful: of course it doesn’t mean white, nor nude.

Fabrics: crepes, matte silks, opaque laces, linens and cottons.

Shoes: sandals, sneakers and pumps.

Accessories: the size of the bag decreases as the night arrives. Anyway, marriage is no place for big bags. Opt for a clutch or wallet. Jewelry and accessories are always welcome, with elegance and without exaggeration because the morning calls for greater discretion. If you are invited, you should not even consider wearing a wreath (hair accessory).

Hair and Make: Choose something light, just like the morning.

 Wedding day in the countryside

Daytime weddings in the countryside accept short, midi or long dresses for good, as long as they are more neutral, without much information such as lace, embroidery and applications. Color and print are personal decisions: light and dark, smooth and printed are possible choices.

Dress for wedding evening in church

An evening wedding always calls for a little more elegance and style. In night outfits, you can abuse a little more brightness and transparency, opting for bolder dresses.

Bet on dark colors and look for light fabrics with some shine, like satin, for example. At night, a simple tube dress can turn into a stunning look if you choose the right accessories.

This is the wedding where you can throw yourself into production. The dresses of the guests can be short and very sophisticated, with embroidery and stones, long or long. It’s time for necklines, embroidery, the most eye-catching jewelry. The long one, in general, is for the altar class – unless the wedding is very formal, but it can still be used if it is not as detailed as a bridesmaid dress usually is.

Colors: Avoid very light colors and never, ever use white. Other than that, all colors are released. The little black dress is not always a great option.

Fabrics: taffeta, lace and silk (organza, chiffon, crepes, shantung …) are the most suitable.

Accessories: You can play with the most elaborate accessories. The night wedding is usually chic and has a ballad.

Hair and Make: Makeup can be more nocturnal, complex and defined.

Evening wedding in the countryside

Large prints and / or more pigmented and dark fabrics are the best requested for the dress of a country wedding guest at night. Wide, long cuts, with the look of maxivests, also fit well.