Hello loves !!! If you like a striking look that enhances your look and likes a kitten eye, let’s talk today about products needed for cat eye makeup.

The famous outlined kitten is one of the makeup looks most coveted by girls who love the universe of beauty, but making the line look perfect can be a challenge. Being able to follow the lash line, making it straight and doing the pull at the right angle can be real challenges for those who still don’t have much practice. To make a perfect outlined kitten, especially when you don’t have a lot of time, it’s always good to have that trick that makes the line look right !!!

Tips for perfect kitten eye

1. When drawing, do not follow the shape of your eye until the end. If you do, the line will tend to fall. The ideal is to always pull up or do straight and stop a little before.

2. If you have a small eye, make the outline thin. So you can see the contrast of the eyelid line.

3. To know the right time to give that lift on the line, be guided by the lower line of the eye. When it ends, it gives a natural lift and that’s where you start.

4. If you are new to the subject or unsure, do it first with a pencil. It is drier and has less chance of error. Then just follow the “draft”.

5. This is also for newbies: gel eyeliner is my favorite. The pen slips too much! With the gel you use a thinner firmer brush and “stamp” until you get to the perfect kitten.

Types of eyeliner  


Gel eye liner

For beginners, this is the most suitable type of eyeliner. It is easier to use compared to others, due to the beveled brush that usually comes with the product. The gel is more consistent, so it ensures a firm and precise outline, in addition to avoiding smudges when applying.

It has quick drying, for this reason, when not being used, it must be kept closed so as not to dry out. The gel eyeliner is indicated, mainly, for makes that need to last longer, such as parties and weddings.

Liquid eyeliner

liquid eyeliner

The most popular eyeliner on the market is liquid, however, its application presents a certain degree of difficulty. Due to consistency, it requires more firmness in the hands to achieve a perfect layout. The product smudges more easily – but creates an incredible effect – and once applied, it is necessary to wait for it to dry so as not to ‘stamp’ the eyelids.

The liquid eyeliner is indicated for daytime and nighttime make-up, being ideal for delicate designs and fine lines.

Eyeliner pen

The pen eyeliner has a thin and delicate applicator. Its consistency is liquid, but due to the familiar shape of the product, as if it were a writing pen, it guarantees greater firmness and control at the time of production. Suitable for everyday make-up, it makes it possible to create lighter strokes.

Eyeliner pencil

Like the pen, the eyeliner pencil is easy to iron and creates a firm, well-finished stroke. However, as the product is a kind of wax and the tip is not as thin as that of the pen, it is recommended for those who want thicker lines.

Due to its consistency, the product can melt throughout the day and stain the skin, so it is recommended to apply a shadow of the same color on top, to seal and ensure that everything stays in place!