These days nobody wants to go for the typical shapewear with boring plain colors and designs. The days are long gone when shapewear is supposed to be normal and inconspicuous. Now there are lacy inventions and creative stitching that make shapewear even more alluring and attractive. Cosmolle Shapewear offers some of the best shapers that will not only be comfortable to wear but also enhance the beauty and fashion aspects of your clothing.

Butt-lifting shorts

These are not going to cover your entire body and make you look like some sort of prisoner who is bound to wear compression shapewear that won’t let them breathe. This will cover your belly and the butt properly, smoothing out any fat in the area. The fabric is thin around the butt and does a good job to lift it and make it your positive asset. Cosmolle doesn’t compromise on the quality and texture of the fabric in any way.

Seamless shaping panties

best shapewear panty

Say goodbye to your regular panties and choose these so that you are getting the benefits of a panty as well as a shaper. These are the best shapewear for lower belly pooch and no woman wants to let them go that easily. I would say this is also a very economic buy seeing how you got the panties also covered and the product is designed to last for long.


Backless contour bodysuit


thong shapewear bodysuits

Most of the women do not have fat on their backs. The love handles only begin from the middle region of the body and a proper bodysuit will cover it up. This one is unlike the normal bodysuits that cover the entire body and sometimes make your front and back assets look lesser than they are. You do not want to choose that kind of shapewear that diminishes your existing assets. This one is the opposite and enhances your natural beauty. Shaped to contour the body in the right places, it will enhance your figure and make you look good in any clothing you wear.

Seamed shapewear bodysuit

best seamless shapewear for women

Women’s shapewear bodysuits come in different types but I bet you wouldn’t have come across something that looks this trendy and beautiful. As soon as you wear it, you will know that the shaper is doing its job well. It compresses the fat around your butt and waistline but stays out of the bust region. This is a huge asset for women who do not want their chest to look like they are asset-less. They are the best fit for your fit and flares, body-con dresses or any other cocktail dresses that shimmer under the lights.


Seamless sculptwear

best seamless shapewear for women

These are also similar to bodysuits but do not have seams or unwanted threads. They are well made and do not roll down if you know how to choose the right size. First, measure yourself and then go on to buy these. Unlike the regular shapewear, these are having net and latex combination stitching that adds a new look to the conventional shapewear design.