For those who have a job where the trendy one asks for a more formal look, we know that putting together your everyday outfit is not an easy task.

Daring in the hottest trends of the moment seems an almost impossible mission, but believe me, we are here to help you to play without fear in the pieces that are grooving around.

Have you ever thought that the animal print can be part of your office look production or that the clip can be that accurate and super chic accessory? No more wearing the same black suit every day and rock work without leaving the fashion trend.

Below we list some looks beyond stylish and super trendy for you to get out of the sameness. After all, who doesn’t like to be always well dressed and with that touch of fashion information, right? Come with us:

Chains are already the main protagonists of fashion girls’ looks this season and anyone who thinks it’s not possible to invest in necklaces in the work look is wrong.

The checkered print doesn’t seem to want to leave the scene anytime soon and was one of the biggest bets of the last fashion weeks. To get out of the sameness of the suit with the print, how about betting on the plaid blazer that will give an immediate up to the outfit?

The most loved skirt of the moment looks like the bottom of a sweater because it is so light, and became known as the “slip skirt”. Despite following a more fashionista mood, the piece is super chic and goes very well in the office look.

We bet you never thought it would be possible to use the barrette in the work look, that’s because the accessory is not very formal. But we guarantee you that she can be a wild card on bad hair day.

One of the most unlikely prints to be part of the office look is tie dye, which in itself carries a more hippie mood, but with the right combinations, it is possible to insert the super cool print into the outfit.

Flare jeans are an absolute hit among it girls and anyone who thinks the piece is too casual to wear at the office is wrong. Nothing that a blazer and a heel can’t make the outfit look more elegant, so it’s more than possible to invest in this trend.

Cast the first stone whoever never wanted to wear that new outfit with the jaguar print in the work look and out of fear ended up giving up on the idea. We need to tell you that animal print is super valid and can transform production in seconds.

The most desired sandal of the season has a square toe and some straps, but it can be a more than accurate bet to compose the office look this summer. Left work and headed straight to happy hour? The shoe itself is cool, but it’s worth letting go of the shirt and rocking the styling trick with a little knot.